Shane Piche

Rape is a crime of depravity which not only destroys the victim’s body, it touches the soul. There should be no support for those who knowingly and willfully force themselves sexually on another human being against that person’s will.
At the same time, police, prosecutors and the criminal justice system should do the utmost in due diligence, to ensure that those arrested, prosecuted and jailed are indeed guilty of the crimes they are alleged to have committed.
It does society no good, if men are sent to prison because of vindictive women who had hurt feelings and cry rape to punish the man

Bill Cosby

I recently wrote that Legislation will not fix the institutionalized racism in America because those who are enforcing the laws are hell-bent on maintaining the institution of white supremacy and white privilege to benefit themselves.
Legislation will not fix how police enforce laws, when the officers have no respect for a certain segment of the society and see them as disposable.
Legislation will not fix the problem of Prosecutors who refuse to honor their oaths and prosecute killer cops who viciously exterminate people they hate under the color of law.
The laws are
As important as it is to have good laws, is if judges disproportionately send Black and Brown people to prison for long stretches then give whites tiny taps of the wrist for the very same offense how can there be respect for the rule of law or the administrators of that system?

R Kelly

Bill Cosby an eighty-something-year-old Black man is in prison for alleged sexual assaults committed years ago, outside the stipulated statute of limitations.
R&B singer Robert Kelly (R Kelly), is on a million dollar bond for sexual assault, yet a white Shane Piche, 25, white male, was sentenced to 10 years probation and must register as a sex offender — but escaped time behind bars due to the fact that he had no previous arrests, according to the Watertown Daily Times.
Judge James P. McClusky said probation was an appropriate sentence because Piche had no prior arrests and only had one victim.
Police said that Piche met the girl while on the job as a bus driver and had sex with her at his apartment in Jefferson County.
So according to this retarded Judge rape and its attendant punishment, is premised on the number of victims the rapist destroys, not on the dastardly act itself.

This is in the supposed liberal state of New York though upstate in the sticks of the Watertown region.
While these atrocious disparities are happening in enforcement, prosecution, conviction and sentencing, Black people are going to prison for a year for smoking marijuana and or driving under the influence and having their driving privileges yanked.
The blatant disregard for any semblance of prosperity as it relates to how the nation’s laws are applied is evidenced in plain sight.
The rich and powerful and even those who are not rich and powerful but have white skin, are exempt from the punitive component of the laws and in some case aren’t even prosecuted for their crimes.