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Today Jamaica attained another dubious distinction The Jamaican dollar slid to its lowest level yet J$100-US$1.

Technically, it doesn’t matter whether the dollar is 98 to one American dollar or 100 to one. The larger point being that the slide of the Jamaican dollar continues and the people entrusted to govern has no clue how  to stop the

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.:

Every day Jamaicans living in my neck of the woods complain about the fact that their loved ones in Jamaica are getting less and less Digicel credits when they send credits to them back home. To a man they all blame Digicel, even though I understand how they would blame Digicel for giving less credit for their ten, twenty or whatever denomination they chose to send, I marvel that not one person realize that the Government is responsible, they blame the private company.

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As is the case in Jamaica the people refuses to hold this failure of a political party/ Administration accountable. No single entity has done more harm to our country than the People’s National Party, since it’s inception. Yet the voters return them to  power over and over. It may be incomprehensible to some, as to why they are elected and reelected so many times ,yet after careful consideration , I have concluded that people opposed, simply leave the country.

There are a lot of arguments to be made from my last statement but many people simply do not want to live in a country run by the gutter rats in the PNP.


Finance Minister Peter Phillips:

The task at hand is bigger than the Governing cabal is capable of handling. Speaking to friends in Jamaica, who are in Government employ, the mood is somber. They fundamentally understand that their lives  and that of their children are getting harder by the day, it is a serious crisis to which the Administration has no solution. Today as the Dollar reached that dubious  milestone, the Administration has nothing to offer the nation but platitudes and  promises of money it expects to be made available by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The problem with more borrowing is that it exacerbate the problems even as it delays inevitable economic collapse.

As I outlined in my last blog-post the solution to our nations problems will not be solved by the people who got us into the mess in the first place. This is an Administration which believes in big government, socialist control of the economy, nepotism, padding public payrolls with political hacks, massive pork-barrel spending to get votes, corruption, high crime rates, spending taxpayers money on luxury vehicles for party big-wigs, raiding the public coffers to fatten theirs and family members pockets.

This is a Government so corrupt they should be tried for crimes against the people, but if the people don’t know they deserve better , do they? As the Emperor who paraded around naked because no one had the guts to tell him he was naked, so too does our country flounder rudderless, tossed and battered by the vicious waves of crime and poverty , because no one will tell the Prime Minister and her band of scalawags that they are in over their heads and it’s time to go.