Only The Things Which Are Of God Are Free;

Politics makes strange bed-fellows”. How many times have we heard this statement? This saying though used a lot, is probably a misnomer, I believe politicians are rather devoid of character, which would rather better explain why the latter seem to be true.


Portia Simpson Miller                                                        Bruce Golding

I will come back to the bed-fellows soon but I must lay some foundation, bear with me please.

Portia Simpson Miller’s predecessor Bruce Golding in an interview with the BBC was asked whether he would have Gays in his Cabinet? Golding replied, quote: Not in my cabinet> Golding committed political suicide in that interview, only he didn’t know it then.

The wheels that would ultimately be the undoing of Bruce Golding had started turning, Never mind that the Christopher (Dudus) Coke matter would be the proverbial straw which broke the camel’s back, Golding’s demise started with that  BBC interview.

Homosexuals are powerful , they have powerful lobby and they have powerful  friends in high places,some of whom are themselves Homosexuals. homosexuals and their friends preach tolerance, however they do not subscribe to their own doctrine of tolerance and acceptance. Those opposed to them are vilified as outdated ignorant Jesus worshiping relics of the past, who have no place in modern society.

So  much for tolerance and acceptance.

The die had been cast, Golding had to be defeated.

 British Prime Minister David Cameron at the commonwealth heads of government conference in Perth Australia declared that Jamaica and several other Commonwealth nations that maintain anti-gay legislation could be affected by reduced financial support from Britain. Cameron has threatened to withhold British aid from governments that do not reform legislation banning homosexuality.


Golding made the same mistake Michael Manley had made years before him. They both failed to grasp or understand the nuanced and intricate complexities of geo-politics.

 Golding cacooned in his little world 4,411 square miles of power-base, epic center West Kingston, grossly miscalculated the extent to which homosexuality has been promulgated, packaged and shoved down the throats of the world’s people’s, so much so that it had become almost treasonous to be anti gay.

Neither the people in Washington DC nor those in London believe that Portia Simpson Miller is a capable leader. It did not matter, Golding would be replaced and so Portia quite unwittingly sold her soul to the devil.

Portia Simpson Miller is a populist , and nothing much beyond that, the power brokers did not need anything else ,she fitted the role perfectly. Jamaicans needed to be persuaded, they needed to be sold on homosexuality, who better to do so than the matronly populist  affectionately called “Sista P”? It came as no surprise then that when asked during the debates whether she would revisit Jamaica’s bugger laws Miller responded in the affirmative.

Jamaica will never be the same again.

Of course “TIME” magazine would have the clueless new Prime Minister as one of the world’s 100 most influential persons, why not?  I have an unsolicited word of caution for Sista P, as you bask in the glow of TIME’S dubious  recognition, do remember the homosexual community is not like the people of Saint Andrew South West, or the other occultists who worship at the Orange altar of ignorance.

Homosexuals will not be used , you will deliver what you promised, failing which your fate will be worse than that suffered by Bruce Golding. The Gay, lesbian and trans gender community will not be used and cast aside, mark my words.

You made a deal with the devil, I suggest you find a way to make good on your promise. As my dear grand-aunt used to say ” a nuh ever ting weh glisten a gold”

Good luck with the yellow serpent you picked up Portia.

 Remember at the outset I alluded to the character of politicians? Well this is where the rubber meets the road, Portia Simpson Miller is now tied to this homosexual issue, whether she wants to or not. Let’s see how this self-proclaimed God-fearing woman from rural Saint Catherine extricate herself from this tangled web she wove.