Palin In Drag:

Lies, racial coding, and dirty tricks, like voter suppression are nothing new to the American Political system. Like any other place on earth the United States is not exempt from crooked, unscrupulous people, as such as Republican Politicians run around throwing around the term American Exceptional-ism they may be reminded that their own party is as we speak mounting a concerted battle to keep certain categories of people from voting, how exceptional is that?One would have thought that with virtually all fact checkers panning Paul Ryan’s speech as littered with lies , exaggerations and coded racial language, Mitt Romney at the top of the Republican ticket would exert some degree of leadership, and if he cannot control Ryan, at least ensure that his utterances are unimpeachable.

                                                                                                                  Paul Ryan

During the 2008  campaign which saw Barack Obama elected  president of the United States, John McCain ran an honorable campaign, one many  believe to be the real character of the man himself. John McCain is certainly not perfect we have seen how disastrous his first executive decision was , in selecting Sarah Palin to be his running mate, but I’ll get back to that. Steve Schmidt is now a MSNBC contributor , Steve ran John McCain’s campaign, it is fair to say that mister McCain is an honorable man if we are able to infer anything from the way Steve Schmidt has conducted himself. Contrarily we have seen the bellicose rhetoric in Republicans as their party lurches dangerously to the right , so much so that many people from certain segments of the society conclude they are unwelcome in that party. Gays, Women, Blacks, Latinos, and the list continues to grow as the republican party purges itself of all except white men , and in some regards they don’t want certain white men ,unless they are radical lunatics.

Where did this nastiness come from ?

Democrats were angry when the Supreme Courts stopped the count and handed the elections of 2000 to George Bush, despite significant evidence that Al Gore had won the elections. Yet they got behind the new president who to this day they still believe assumed the presidency illegitimately. such is the power of family and influence when your brother is the Governor of the State where the foul-up occurred, and the state which would decide the presidency that year. Bush went on to win a second term four years later, after two wars launched by Bush, one a war of choice, an economy bleeding 4 million jobs the last year of his presidency and in tatters, the country’s image abroad in ruins,the Constitution shredded with laws like the Patriot Act. Pariah status for the United States as a result of torture, rendering prisoners of war to vile rogue states so they are tortured. The outing of CIA Operative Valerie Plame, as political pay-back for her husband Joe Wilson’s principled stance against the Bush Administration’s lies on their march to an illegal war with Iran.Despite all of these acts some of them outright criminal, Democrats went along with Bush out of fear of being called unpatriotic.

Remember “Either you are with us or you are against us“? What short memories some of us have ! The events of September 11th set off a chain of events that have changed the United States forever, and most of it is for the worse, many Democratic law-makers went along with Bush Administration impeachable actions out of fear of being labeled unpatriotic, as well as wanting to share in Bush’s bravado. Not only were Bush’s actions impeachable , we all saw a Democratic President impeached for having oral sex with an intern but Democrats went along hook,line and sinker.

Paul Ryan the so-called Deficit Hawk and the Tea Party did not yet grow  talons or beak, so the Tea Party and Ryan went along with every spending excess of the Bush Administration. I understand that without Talons and Beaks the young upstart Paul Ryan could not have been much of a predator under the Bush Administration. He damn sure acquired them rapidly after Obama took over the disaster, both he and the reactionary frauds called the Tea Party

                                                                                                                   Mitt Romney

The nastiness we see in the last campaign was introduced unwittingly or perhaps callously cynical by John McCain in the form of Sarah Palin.

What Palin lacked in intellect, or common sense she certainly over-compensated with vitriolic, racial nastiness, this woman who could not name a single publication she had ever read to Kathie Couric , certainly knew how to hate and fan racial hatred, to this day I see nothing endearing or redemptive in this woman except that she was created by the same God who created all of us.

                                                                                                                        Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is from the Tea Party, so is a lot of the Obstructionists in the United States Congress, and soon guys like Texas’ Ted Cruz will be sitting in the United States Senate, these are people who do not want Government even while they jockey for positions within said Government.

Sarah Palin brought nastiness to the campaign that we had never seen in our lifetime, she came to national attention throwing around terms like “palling around with terrorists” Jeremiah Wright, Rezko, she also further threw around the nonsensical birther crap , it was then that intelligent people came to the realization that John McCain had made a terrible mistake in selecting this woman to be his running-mate. It became clear then, that the so-called mamma grizzly, the Pitt-bull in lipstick was nothing more than arguably a pretty face dressed up in clothing paid for by Campaign funds a gorgeous pair of glasses and not much else except an empty head.

Palin’s approach would become the template for republicans from top to bottom, Republicans unleashed a nasty brand of politics that was not even evident during the tumultuous Clinton years. The  Karl Rove play-book was out in full frontal mode for all to see. Despite catastrophic financial signs which caused both Obama and McCain to leave their campaign and head to Washington DC to address the crisis, Republicans like Newt Gingrich Mitch McConnell , and Paul Ryan the candidate for vice president this cycle had dedicated themselves to standing in the way of anything the new president would do to rescue the country from the failed economic policies of republican George W Bush.

That makes Paul Ryan the opposite of what he would like you to believe he is, Ryan is no deficit hawk, he voted for every big government program of the Bush Administration. He begged for stimulus money even while he lied,and argued that the stimulus did not work. When confronted with the facts he feigned memory lapse, he later agreed that he did ask using some flimsy disclaimer that is so silly I won’t even list it here.

Ryan lies so much that it is no wonder Romney the senior liar chose him to be his running-mate, Romney has decidedly used lies as part of his campaign, it’s easy to see how he would choose Ryan who lies that the president closed a plant even before he became president, when confronted with the facts the argued that it was part of a larger strategy to show Obama’s failures.

The truth is, it ended up showing the larger truth that the  Romney/Ryan campaign is an integrity-free zone.

The speech given by Paul Ryan was panned by Democrats and Republicans alike as full of holes and downright filled with lies, yet paul Ryan and Mitt Romney continues with the blatant lies about Medicare, Welfare, and Obama’s record.

Ryan meanwhile, lacking the energy of  Sarah Palin and crowd appeal,  but for what comes out of his mouth, has turned out to be nothing more than Palin in drag.