Pay Attention To These Events!

yangtze river in china turns blood red

Yangtze River in China turns blood-red

Events continue to happen all over the Globe, yet Main Stream Media continue to keep us in the dark. I do not pretend to know what their motives are, so I won’t speculate. What I do know is that many events are going under reported or not reported at all.

Unexplained dancing lights in the skies , or UFO sightings.

Thousands of dead turtle and doves rained down on roofs and cars in an Italian town were victims of their on greed, an expert claimed today. Residents in Faenza described the birds falling to the ground like ‘little Christmas balls’ with strange blue stains on their beaks. Initial tests on up to 8,000 of the doves indicated that the blue stain could have been caused by poisoning or hypoxia. Hypoxia, a lack of oxygen, is known to cause confusion and illness in animals. It is also a common precursor to altitude sickness. It comes after two million dead fish were found to have washed up on shores in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland.  That investigation comes just days after the deaths of an estimated 100,000 fish in northwest Arkansas, which is being blamed on disease.

Cold water stress exacerbated by a large population of the affected species (juvenile spot fish) appears to be the cause of the kill.’ Preliminary tests of the water in Chesapeake Bay have shown the quality was acceptable, officials said.

In many cases when theses events occur local authorities quickly come up with explanations as what may have caused the event. Notwithstanding, whether birds die from eating too much, or pollution causes the death of fish, do these explanations negate Biblical prophesies?

Irrespective of causation these events are occurring just as the Scriptures said they would. Does man’s explanations and guesses make these events any less true?

One thought on “Pay Attention To These Events!

  1. This is Really God warning man to change from the ways of the devil’s philosophy and agendas. As for me, I rather to be loved by God, than by men.

    Men are acting as if they are God! Especially in this country called United States of America, with the half white man named Barack Obama, who’s the devil incarnated. Now, when men trying to circumvent the laws of God, by ostracise and vilifying those who stand for God’s laws. Eventually, God is going to let them who have eyes to see, see what is happening.

    There’s no doubt in my heart, that God is going to punish Europe and North America for trying to impose immorality, unhealthy, ungodly, unethical and unnatural lifestyle on the rest of the world.

    Africa and those who are propagating, promoting healthy lifestyle will be rewarded by the creator.

    These signs, are the warning signs of what is going to happen. God is not going to negotiate with men, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, JESSE Jackson, and the European politicians. God is the ultimate, alpha and omega.

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