Much has been said about the Industrial action being undertaken by the Police. Depending on who you speak to, the response is going to be bellicose one way or the other.
Let us stop for a while and ask ourselves what are the police officers supposed to do since they are not allowed to strike?
For the sanctimonious hypocrites in the Media who write columns and those who opine on editorial pages, I ask you when have you ever supported the work of the police except to criticize?
Stick to what you do best, which is to talk and keep your snouts out of other people’s lives.
If the cops ask for a raise for risking their lives you hypocrites chat, if they betray their oaths and take bribes you hypocrites chat.

To the rank and file officers who continue to work to curry favor with the gazetted ranks you are nothing more than scabs.
When you cross picket lines which are designed for your benefit you are the most despicable of despicable.
And as for those senior ranks who tell the men and women under their command that money is not all, SSP Carl Ferguson my former squadmate )please remember that your salary is completely different than the people you lecture about the righteousness of service.

There are a plethora of different perspectives which baffles me about the police’s action.
They shouldn’t take action.
They refused more money under the previous administration.
They are PNP.
Crime is high so they do not deserve any pay increase.
They were forced to accept a pay freeze under the previous government.

The comments are as ridiculous as they are asinine and insidious.
The police have every right to take whatever action they deem necessary in their best interest.
There is the[mout a massi] who have an opinion on everything police, they are never without an opinion which they proffer as truth when it’s all convoluted opinions, simply because they have the mediums through which to chat.
There are those in the criminal rights fraternity who have done immense damage through their advocacy which has gelded police, caused many to drop their hands and others to look the other way.
Members of the JCF should be wary of them and their statements which are designed clearly to curry favor with the police.

I have never heard any police officer getting involved in salary negotiations of any other group or entity.
In the event that workers have struck for whatever reason and they decide to demonstrate their displeasure, cops are there marching side by side to ensure that their rights are guaranteed.

What I’m saying is give the officers a chance to make their demands and please stop with the damn PNP/JLP shit.