Glendon Harris the Mayor of  Montego Bay, Jamaica’s second City , has issued an impassioned appeal to criminals operating in his city, to cease and desist from their criminal ways. Harris’  appeal came against the backdrop of a 7% increase in  homicides in the parish of Saint James over the corresponding period last year, which saw 123 people murdered.

 Crimes against women also seem to be on the increase in Saint James , recently 5 females including an eight (8) year old child was brutally and viciously raped in the community of Irwing.

The Editorial page of the Jamaica Gleaner was very precise in telling the Mayor to give whatever information he has to the relevant authorities, the police, along with sworn affidavits. On these blogs there is not much in common between us and the Editorial Page of the Gleaner, but on this we agree.

What is evident in the case of Montego Bays Glendon Harris, is a Mayor who has information critical to law enforcement but does not give that information to the police.Harris  takes it onto himself to beseech criminals to quote:“stop it”.

Even as Harris begs criminals to stop committing crimes there is news of 3 more people shot in Ewarton Saint Catherine, including two Police Officers .

As a former law enforcement Officer I am deeply offended that people elected to lead can be this juvenile with the powers vested in them.

From our experience, the Mayor of any city is at the top of the food-chain on all issues which affect the city. he/she is the chief executive officer.

Law enforcement strategies are planned and the Mayor is briefed, he/she has their input and the plan is executed.

I am not sure that in the case of Jamaica, including a politician into security matters is a good idea but in other jurisdictions the mayor is in the loop as to what happens in his/her city.

The plea by Glendon to criminals to simply stop what they are doing is a slap in the face of hard-working law enforcement officers , decent law-abiding Jamaicans and everyone not involved in criminal behavior. Begging criminals to stop committing crimes ignores the crimes they already committed, it belittles and negates the hurt and pain they already inflicted on others needlessly.

It is not up to the Mayor to extend Amnesty to criminals.

It’s not up to anyone to offer Amnesty to criminals, criminals who commit crimes must pay for their crimes.

Begging criminals to cease and desist from committing crimes is not a strategy that works. Those predisposed to committing and engaging in criminal activity must be made painfully aware that if they so chooses, there will be serious consequences for their actions, period.

Jamaica depends heavily on tourism, if Glendon Harris do not understand the implications to the city if tourists stop coming, how can he lead that city?

Of course, Glendon Harris’ is the Mayor who stood before a politically altered Jamaican flag and took the oath of office, without protesting the low-class defacement of our most recognizable and sacred national symbol,by imbeciles in his own party.

That was a defining moment as it relates to the judgement , integrity, and intellect of Harris.