We can hate politics all we want but we need people  to take care of the countries in which we live and yes I know just how moronic they can be, but by virtue of what they do we are forced to live with them.
I guess what I am really saying is that regardless of what people do we are  well…. people and so it really makes little sense to broadbrush everyone when we percieve that they did something wrong.
I say this to say that not all politicians are bad but sometimes the actions of some makes it difficult to not just hate all of their asses.

Take for instance that moronic Angella Brown-Burke Member of parliament for (St Andrew South West), the garrison community once held by longtime parliamentarian and PM Portia Simpson Miller.
In addressing the Parliament this idiotic woman had the nerve to tell the house that she would take to the streets if the Government did not extend the ZOSO to her constituency so that the killings can stop and people can have peace and security.
At the very same tine she is threatening that she will take to the streets with her supporters to demonstrate and potentially upend the economy if a state of public emergency is called in her constituency.

The constituency of St ndrew South West is not Angella Brown-Burke’s it is a tiny bit of Jamaica which ahs been juiced for all it’s worth by the PNP and Portia Simpson Miller for approximately forty years and has been passed on for further exploitation by another abnoxious virago to continue the pattern of abuse under the guise of feminist love.

There is no logical argument to be made after the entire career of Portia Simpson Miller was spent right there. During this time the nation witnessed her rising from local government to representing the constituency at the national level, to Prime Minister, with the constituency retaining the ratings as the worst in the country.

If these are the quality of people that constituency choses to represent them (loud, abrasive, abnoxious, uncouth, crass,arrogant,) then maybe the people who live there deserve the lives they lead.

Peter Phillips opposition leader

Now, there is nothing wrong with the statement, per-se, politicians viciferously and passionately petioning for their constituents is admirable. What is problematic is the messenger, and the constituency in question. As I said this Angella Brown Burke is now the member of parliament for the constituency, If you know Portia and Brown Burke you cannot but feel sorry for the people in that constituency.

It’s tough to think that after almost forty years (40) of Portia Simpson Miller that they could not get someone other than another loudmouth uncultured virago advocating on their behalf.
Look, its tragic that people are dying on any level but people have been dying across Jamaica for many years now. The nerve of Angella Brown-Burke to be making demands of this two year old government under threats of civil unrest. It is ludicrous, considering that Portia Simpson Miller wouldn’t even walk through the garrisons with Andrew Holness at the time he had his first go around as prime Minister after Bruce Golding was forced to step aside.

Angela Brown-Burke

The simple minded Portia Simpson Miller at the time said there are no walls in her constituency, alluding to the most simplistic understanding of what a garrison is.
Imagine the nerve of demanding peace and quite in her garrison constituency when they are the ones who were in power for so much more than the other party and they are the ones who have aways had control of the costituency?
On what basis does she make demands now where is their sense of shame?

Arlene Harrison Henry

But between Peter Phillips the old tun back Rasta now parading as political leader, Angella Brown Burke making threats, Dayton Campbell’s lies about the Cornwall regional hospital and of course the uber moron Densise Daley who doesn’t want anything green in her constituency it seem there is a serious attempt to take Jamaica back to the old sytle politics that Jamaicans have commendably walked away from.

Horace Levy

The strategies unfolding from the PNP and their affiliates outside the leadership of their party cannot be ignored. Whether it’s Horace Levy the grizled old self serving Manley advisor or its Arlene Harrison Henry another [kumred] in the Public Defender’s office it is clear that there are enough of these holdovers within the public sector which makes change extremely difficult.

Denise Daley

Why on earth would Arlene Harrison-Henry, Peter Phillips and Horace Levy be calling for an end to the state of emergency in St James except to see murder skyrocket again so they can make political hay of it?
Logical quetion, but this 70’s style campaign of destabilization is textbook PNP old style communist tactic. Why else would Mark Golding the member of parliament for the Arnett Gardens area drive up to the Prime Minister’s residence under the guise of pointing out differences in the accesories on the roadway if not to stir up rebellion of worse.

I mean the Prime Minister has to be driven there each and every day in a country which is extremely violent. Isn’t it time that the home of Mark Golding become the focus of national attention commensurate with what he has started then?
I mean seriously, what is the justification for doing these things?

The people living in the St James communities love the fact that the security forces are in their communities, so the call for it to end is about the PNP lust for blood and nothing else. Now I am sure that the JLP will be happy with me up to this point but I tell the truth regardless of who is hurt or upset by it.
The JLP is pretty comfortable with these special interest people like Levy and others, in fact lobbyists have been integral in some of the challenges we are facing with our crime problem. INDECOM came about because Bruce Golding legitimized Carolyn Gomes’ bullshit and now the country is stuck with INDECOM which does not take direction from the government, and is in fact acting as an independent government but that is a discussion for a different time.