‘PNP Ready To Rescue Jamaica’

We are left shaking our heads at this latest statement by the People’s National Party , a day after it’s affiliate PNP youth arm stoutly declared  that the party is on election count-down.  One wonders if the members of the PNP ever wonder, or is as a collective entity , capable of thinking about Jamaica for a change? The world’s economy,and I daresay the way things gets done around the world is experiencing a systemic shift, a settling if you will, adjusting to new realities. This resetting of the world’s economy will represent a shift from traditional norms this is the new world order. Countries all over the world to include the United States of America has seen dramatic down-turns in economic activity. The United States has lost millions of jobs that simply will not return. A traditional factory worker in the US  could afford a three bedroom house in the suburbs, with a white picket fence , a wife and two and one half kids. This worker could afford to send his kids to college, the family was able to take a vacation annually, some of whom as a child I saw in Jamaica.This factory worker is no more. All factories are now retrofitted with state of the art robots that do pretty much all the work that worker did. That represents the workers that globalization had not already sucked away to countries like Indonesia, China, and the Philipines, countries that have an abundance of cheap labor,and are unrestrained by the shackles of western working  standards . As countries like the United States Canada,and England adjust to these realities the consequential ripple effect must reverberate to smaller countries like Jamaica that are inextricable linked to the larger powers and to some degree depend on them for their literal economic survival. As families lose their jobs in large industrialised nations they have much less discretionary income to vacation, or to send money home to loved ones. Jamaica has as it’s number one and two foreign exchange earners Tourism, and Remittance in that order . It is plain to see how Jamaica’s economy would be seriously negatively impacted in light of this tremendous global economic downturn. There is however a glimmer of hope whenever we experience these re-adjustments. They do offer us a oppurtunity to re-evaluate our skill-sets and improve wherever possible.Doing so enables us to be equipped to meet the needs of the emerging future.

After being in office for 181/2 years , and opposition for four, the best the PNP’s president could come up with as a priority for the country, should she be returned to power as Prime Minister was processing mangoes. This simply must be an affront to Jamaicans, who should by now, start to realize that the PNP and it’s affiliates are simply incapable of understanding , much less solving the serious problems that faces the Nation going forward. How can they find solutions if they are incapable of understanding the problems?

Simpson Miller.

I am both ashamed and infuriated every time I hear the PNP, whether through its president, or the other perpetual campaigners ,recycle the same remedial clichés, not taking seriously the concerns of the people, or not having the intellectual capacity to comprehend the seriousness of crime, terror, hunger, lack of education, health care, poverty, corruption and a plethora of other social ills that have stunted Jamaica’s growth, and threatens the very existence of the country.

The PNP has always believed they have a right to governance, they arrogantly proclaim Jamaica to be PNP country. This arrogance has precluded them from coming up with workable Solutions to better the lives of ordinary Jamaicans. Choosing instead time after time to resort to the same tired old clichés that appeal to the base instincts of the un-educated masses.

This time my fellow Jamaicans is no different than  the other times, same tired old lines, look in her constituency and ask yourselves  “is this  what i want for my country”?

She has represented that contituency for a very long time.

mike beckles.

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