There are not enough words to describe the picture below. Your eyes are not deceiving you. This was the swearing-in of Glendon Harris PNP councillor ,as Mayor of the second city of Montego Bay. This event is perfectly routine, one party loses the election  the sitting Mayor makes way for the new mayor. Well that’s the way intelligent people do things, unfortunately not the low life thugs in the PNP, instead what they did is almost tantamount to treason.


Secretary Pamella Marsh enrobes incoming Mayor of Montego Bay Glendon Harris in front of the black and gold backdrop designed to depict the Jamaican flag. Outgoing Mayor Charles Sinclair looks on.Read more:—Decorator-denies-MoBay-mayor-s-claims-in-flag-controversy#ixzz1s23uZ7jl

They told the decorator for the event to leave the color green from the Jamaican flag. For no other reason than that the color green is the color the opposition party JLP uses. The newly installed Mayor then lied, stating that the reason green was left out was that there was a shortage of material to do the job properly , he went on to further lie that the decorator promised to return the $30,000 fee he was paid for the project.
The decorator has since debunked those lies, and named the PNP operative who told him to leave out the color green from our flag.
Anyone familiar with my blogs knows without a shadow of a doubt that I have scant regard for the political parties in  Jamaica, and even less with those who are involved in those parties.
I have long argued that the PNP is the worst thing to ever have happened to Jamaica, and in my view if not checked will be the ruination of that Caribbean Island.
The degenerate who authorized this kind of defacement of the Jamaican flag is not the exception. The unfortunate truth is that is the rule in the PNP, a party associated with thuggery, violence and the most base and uncivilized behavior imaginable. There is thuggery and uncivilized behavior in both parties , but the bar was set by the people’s national party from as far back as independence. No one incident or set of occurrences tells the whole story.However one medium recently related the story Pernell Charles told of the strategies employed, by Michael Manley and his minions in the fight to keep the National Workers Union a monopoly union in so far as representational rights goes in the bauxite industry.
Jamaica’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller:
The escalating crime numbers in the country are a result of an unwritten “wink wink nod nod” that has characterized the relationship between the PNP and their supporters. You elect us we will hands off so you may hustle do what you want! It is a strategy that has had devastating consequences for our country and the mindset going forward. It has kept the PNP in power for most of the 50 years since independence, made some people who support that party extremely rich and has cost the lives of  thousands of others.
The PNP has always been about party , with little thought of country, their mission is to stay in power at all cost . This mindset runs the gamut from the very pinnacle to those in the gutters. Thuggery and classless behavior is and has always been the hallmark of the PNP.  Defacing the most recognizable symbol of our nation is not and never was beneath them !!!!
What a classless uncouth disgusting lot of moronic punks.
The Gleaner not to be outdone, carried this cartoon in response to outcry from civic groups and other Jamaicans to include the political opposition.
Clearly this once prestigious paper, once the best in the Caribbean under the leadership of Oliver Clarke, is not content to have campaigned for the thuggery. They have now established that they are willing to help govern the thuggery . Gutter behavior that has no place in our country is now sanctioned behavior by this paper.
Those in government deface our flag as they destroy our country, then we wonder why athletes drag our most cherished and recognizable symbol in the dirt. They know no better, or at worse they are just dragging our flag in the dirt with a view to getting as low in the gutter as the government of Jamaica.
Nothing is sacred in our country anymore, one can hardly get any lower than the gutter now, can they?