The following is the PNP’s presser outlining the reasons it has decided not to support an extension of the State of Limited Emergency.
I have had my say in this very medium as to what my personal views are on this subject.
Nevertheless, I was amused by Peter Bunting, the last failure at National Security the PNP had while they were in office.
In a shameless social-media, post-Bunting exclaimed.


Peter Bunting , No credibility on crime. Once said crime demanded divine intervention

The PNP voted for political expediency as it has done on numerous other occasions in the past.
Dead Jamaicans be damned.
Just a few years ago Peter Bunting was such a failure he was calling for God to come down and stop the killings.

That he would have the temerity to come out talking about PNP voted for Rights and Constitution demonstrates that he and his party fundamentally take the Jamaican people for total illiterates.
The greatest right an individual has is the right to life,.
The PNP does not care that well over 300 fewer Jamaicans died this year than last year.

If this continues the PNP has nothing to bitch about so as a party they tactically decided to pull support from the measures which is demonstrably saving hundreds of lives this year alone.
A support they were reluctant to give in the first place but couldn’t withhold because of the optics and the potential fallout from not doing so.
The greatest danger to the Jamaican nation is the illiteracy of its electorate which allows the PNP to continue being relevant.

(1a) Is the fact that well over 300 fewer people have been murdered this year so far over the corresponding period last year important?(b) Why is a 21% drop in violent crimes inconsequential to the PNP, is the party benefitting from crime, the nation needs to know the truth?

(2) Does any of the people talking about rights and the constitution have experience in law enforcement or criminology?

(3) Do they understand that in literally every country in which the rule of law is sacrosanct where some modicum of peace and tranquility exist, they have had to go through their own growing pains which included the suspension of some constitutional norms from time to time?

(4) How can Jamaicans who claim to be smart people, in particular, those in the bourgeoise` who came out of the (intellectual ghetto), be so dense, dogmatic, and inherently stupid?
The greatest right a person has is the sacred right to life. Jamaica is not a developed country so the pretense will get us nowhere.
The country has a serious problem with violent crimes.
Maybe we should all stand down and stop with the politics.

No one agrees with locking up people indefinitely without charge, and the security forces have to correct that but to hear people make this nonsensical claim about human rights is astounding.
The only thing that matters to them is the spirit and text of the constitution when it suits them to wrap themselves in it and pretend to be guardians of the fort.

This archaic document which does not necessarily address the complexities of our time is a shackle and is unresponsive to present day needs.
The PNP has had donkey years to be relevant and do something for the throngs of illiterate people who continue to vote for that cult.
If they cared so much about Constitutional rights why have the PNP with its many years in office, done nothing to move our country to a Republican democracy?

Instead what the party has done is try to move the country into the Caribbean Court of Justice where they would have the power to call their cronies who graduated from the Mona or Cave Hill campuses of the University to do their bidding.
In the meantime, Jamaicans are still pledging their loyalties to a foreign sovereign who couldn’t care a rats ass about them.

Even the American constitution, the oldest instrument of democratic governance has undergone amendments.
If the PNP care about the rights of Jamaicans, the party should throw its support behind a new constitution.
Do it now or shut up with the lies about Human Rights


The PNP must now own the violence and loss of lives regardless of any supposed meetings with the person standing in as commissioner of police, or public sector groups.
The important voices in all of this are the average everyday Jamaicans who are not criminals, the people who simply want to live their lives in peace and with dignity.

There should be no misconception that the well over 300 fewer people who have died this year over the corresponding period last year is attributable to two scenarios.
(1)Displacement of criminals and (2) the very issue of detention that the PNP so duplicitously hangs its hat on.
When locked up, the murderers cannot kill people in the communities.
As former Florida Democratic candidate for Governor Andrew Gillum said a (“hit hog will holler“), the People’s National Party has a large following of gangland figures who are feeling the pinch of the new security measures instituted by the government.

This charade about human rights is nothing but a well-packaged appeasement to that community.
And so the PNP is more concerned about its gunmen than it is about the law-abiding Jamaican people who are able to live and breathe a little easier as a result of the SOE’s.
And did I mention that the people want it to remain?