You need a little rest and relaxation in Jamaica just take a life, no big deal you will not be seen as a danger to society, everyone will vouch for your character and you get a tiny slap on the wrist.
Oh did I mention that- that is in the event you are caught?
Right, because the vast majority of murders on the Island are never solved and those which are solved if not overturned in the court of appeals the defendants are given a slight slap on the wrist.

Diandra Jarrett was sentenced by Justice Nicole Simmonds in the Gun Court at the Supreme Court after she was found guilty of the murder of Damian Bowen. The 27-year-old vendor will be eligible for parole after serving 10 years. Bowen, a 34-year-old welder, died after he was stabbed in his neck and chest during an altercation at a party on Montpelier Road in Hanover, on June 1, 2013.

Bowen’s baby mother and Jarrett were involved in a fight. He tried to separate them but was stabbed twice with a knife. Bowen’s baby mother was also stabbed in her chest, leg, arm, breast, and chin. The dispute between the women allegedly stemmed from an earlier argument.

Jarrett’s lawyer, Martin Thomas, also begged for leniency and urged the judge to treat her as someone who had made a mistake.He told the judge to bear in mind that his client was not an aggressive person and that the incident was completely outside of her usual behavior.Martin also told the judge that members of Jarrett’s community have attested to the fact that she was not a troublemaker, and have also asked for mercy for her as she did not pose a threat to the community.

Here is a situation in which a violent person commits murder and attempted murder and the defense lawyer argues that she is not violent and that she poses no threat to the society.
In what world is that rational thinking, tell us please what would qualify as a danger to the Jamaican public now that we know a homicide and the attempt to kill another person does not qualify as dangerous?
Now I do understand the numbers game, in a country as violent as Jamaica I do understand that murder and attempted murder doesn’t really create a stir, after all, there are so many mass murderers walking around without consequence I do get the arguments.
Tell that to the deceased man and the seriously injured woman whom she intended to kill as well.
Jamaica does not have one of the highest murder rates in the world in the abstract. The characteristics which foment murder are all there in a perfect storm of acquiescence and complicity.

She left the scene then returned to commit murder and felonious wounding. Now everyone says this is not her character. It is exactly her character, this is exactly who she is, she had adequate time to cool off.
I once again call for minimum sentences in the law which remove from the hands of judges the ability to issue sentences like these. The sentence in this regard ought not be in the hands of any judge. The sentence should have been mandatory 25 to life meaning you do not get out until you have served 25 years and have demonstrated that you have adjusted enough to be allowed back into society. Mandatory minimums of 25 years to life or life without the possibility of parole is to punish offenders and prevent would be offenders. This cavalcade of murder will continue in this murder incubator as all of the components of murder growth are encouraged in this country.

As if this was not enough the Minister of National Security Robert Montague announced that prisoners will be receiving conjugal visits.

Minister of national security Robert Montague

Montague said he believes that allowing inmates to have sexual relations with their partners will be beneficial. On the matter of prison reform, the national security minister indicated that the Government continues to introduce more initiatives to rehabilitate inmates. He noted that the country has a recidivism rate of 47 per cent.

With almost half of the people convicted and jailed returning to prison, it seems to me that prison is not serving the purpose for which it was intended. Prisoners have cell phones, drugs, are allowed out to visit their girls and men, are allowed to make music and now to regularize sex while they live at taxpayers expense is a bridge too far.

But this is what the people voted for when they voted for Andrew Holness.
Don’t get me wrong if I was registered to vote in Jamaica and was there I would have voted for him as the PNP is not an option for me based on its policies.
Our country is on a collision course with reality and it’s all because the lame rum head people in positions of leadership ought not to have been given those positions of trust. Simply put the distance between the leaders and the criminals on the streets are a mighty short hop.
That explains the absolute lack of desire on their part to legislate and support a policy which seriously says to criminals “no more”.