Police Federation Chariman Steps Down:

We note with interest, recent developments regarding the sudden resignation of sergeant Raymond Wilson as police federation chairman.

Wilson has been a vocal advocate for the cause of rank and file of the JCF, he  was recently exposed to withering and sustained  attack from  members of the JLP, their affiliates and elitists in Jamaican society and those living in the diaspora.  This arose from a speech he gave in which he blasted the JLP Administration of Bruce Golding as  beholden to criminals at the expense of members of the force.

Raymond Wilson


We chose to stand with Wilson during that assault , we steadfastly made known our support for him on the Gleaner’s website, as well as other blog sites in which the subject was broached. At the time  we felt that Wilson spoke from his heart and spoke passionately as a Jamaican who loved his country. We believed he loved his country and would have made the same statements if the other party was in government.

There are others whom have intimated otherwise, inferring a raft of reasons from political to self-serving. We have no reason up to this point in time to believe anything other than what we believed initially.

In the interim we are left wondering  what the real reasons are behind Wilson’s sudden and uncerminous  departure as chairman of the police federation. And in his stead a Constable installed  at the helm of this very important arm of the JCF. We are in no way impugning the capabilities of this constable .

What we do worry about is the caste system in Jamaica,  as well as the caste  ranking system in the JCF.

One wonders if they attacked and assailed Wilson a sergeant with that amount of ferocity what will they do to a constable three ranks beneath his?

The JCF is going through a transformation, correctly so, the Federation needs to be vigilant ,vocal,and in tune with the needs of rank and file members.

We will withhold judgement on the  ascendency of this constable and what it may mean for the members of the JCF.

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