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Serious crimes continue to increase in Jamaican, over the National Heroes celebration (7) persons were murdered. These murder figures however do not evoke alarm or fear in the minds of Jamaicans who have come to accept the killing of their neighbors as par for the course. Jamaicans use every rationalization to explain away these shocking murder figures. Excuses range from, people gets killed everywhere to, the person who got killed must have done something to deserve his head getting severed from his body. They make these excuses even as they construct  more grill fortifications with the false belief ,that they will be safe behind layers of iron which only further imprison them .Of course this offers no real security from the marauding murderers who prey at will.


Portrait of the latest cop to be slaughtered in Jamaica by hoodlums.W/Spl/Cons Arianna Henry.

Since 2002 fifty (50) Officers have been murdered directly in the line of duty , with far more killed which are not categorized as “in the line of duty”. The trouble with that characterization is that, criminals are increasingly sophisticated, they opt to attack a single officer and not take on a number of officers. This strategy on their part is far more effective in accomplishing their anarchistic desires in exacting revenge on police officers. As repugnant as that strategy is , it would be far less effective if the country was one which stood solidly behind it’s law enforcement officers. Conversely what the people have saddled themselves with for decades is a party which offers them cotton candy, which is sweet to the taste but does nothing to satisfy their hunger. The present Administration has a leader who is at best intellectually challenged and at worse a dunce. No amount of white-wash is going to cover up that glaring fact.


The party which forms the Administration has had a history of problems with the rule of law , dating back to the 1970’s . At its core the People’s National Party (PNP) is a party which panders to the base instincts of the least educated , least privileged. This strategy allowed them to control state power for an unprecedented  18 years  with a four (4) year break, then continue to present day. Members of the Police department are a large part of that problem, many members are no different from their civilian counterparts who vote against their own economic self-interest. As such they share in the blame for what is happening to the force and individual police officers. This analysis is not  an endorsement of any political party, it is more-so a sweeping indictment of a political culture which has failed dismally in addressing the fundamental basic needs of the people. As a consequence, the country has been reduced to a laughing-stock. The best achievements of our people internationally, are now called into question and subject to ridicule.

Jamaica has had a long flirtation with violence, some of our national heroes are remembered and so designated exactly because of their propensity for violence or the disruption of established order. Whether we see that as a fruitful path for a country is a point for lively legitimate debate. What is clear is that if you sow corn you will definitely not reap tomatoes. As such when we celebrate killing and carnage we will reap a harvest of mayhem and destruction. We are reaping that harvest of mayhem and destruction now. Our entire contemporary culture is designed around killing. The media not to be outdone has signed on to the craziness, incorporating the crass, degenerative, murder vernacular into serious journalistic discourse. Dance-hall music is significantly influential that it informs societal norms (vis a vis informa fi dead).In short killing and the use of firearm is such a large part of Jamaican culture that, to be good one has to be shat[sic] shat meaning good. Twisted yes, true yes.

Because of the popularity of the gun and anti-conformity culture, our people have determined for decades that the way to fame and fortune is by establishing the moniker (rude bway)for themselves. All of us have fed that monster, when we celebrate murder music, when we buy films depicting killing and carnage, when we sign on to violence as  the only means to conflict resolution, and yes when we wantonly extra-judicially kill even the most vile cretins. Wherever carcasses exist, scavengers are never far off. It is no surprise then that opportunists of all stripes would emerge in Jamaica , purporting to champion the cause of the poor and dispossessed. Some emerge in the name of Human Rights, others purport to be able to “manage peace” whatever that means? The entire Governmental structure is largely made up of immoral hustlers and thieves.

The police department which is tasked with protecting the rights and safety of citizens allowed itself to be reduced to a cesspool of graft , bribes and corruption, it remained oblivious to calls to transform itself even as it sunk deeper into irrelevance. Those who ran the department lacked the depth to recognize that if the department continued on that path it would one day wake up and find it was relieved of it’s power. That day is here. Even as I and others scream that the way to fix the crime problem is to recruit, train equip,supervise and pay officers, that train has already left the station. The Political directorate, never a fan of poor people’s offspring having such powers ,were more than willing to subvert that power. Enter (INDECOM)Independent Commission of Investigations>The problem for the police is that the notion of independence in that body is a misnomer. It is neither independent nor a credible Investigative body. It is a bunch of Elitist who hates police officers, they are aligned to the Anti-police antagonist group (JFJ) Jamaicans for Justice, another misnomer. Together these two bodies in conjunction with the office of Public defender forms a triad of aggression against law enforcement in the country which has ginned up such sentiment against the constabulary that the chickens have naturally come home to roost. The killing of police officers is now an almost daily occurrence. The head of JFJ and the public defender stated categorically that police accounts of fatal shootings cannot be believed because not enough officers are being shot. These are the people with whom the head of INDECOM hang out and grant press conferences. For my Readers who are not from Jamaica, it is important that you understand that the office of  public defender is a government office . It’s officials are paid with tax dollars. These are the people who argue that not enough cops are being killed. Now they have their wish.
























    1. Do you remember or know anything about the following persons Prento, Dudley Thompson, Dr. d. K. Duncan, professor trevor Monroe of the 70s. now you need to go back in history and read not just on Edward Seaga but on all of the politicians of the 70s and 80s including Anthony Spaulding, ask yourself what was the state of emergency for.

  1. You are entitled to you opinion but not your own facts. The cops are as much a part of the problems. When the lines between cops and criminal are so blurred, we can no longer tell the difference. Also, while I am not a fan of the current prime minister, attributing the crime epidemic to one party is not only ludicrous, but but woefully inaccurate and biased. The power grab by Seaga in 1980 led to an influx of the most guns Jamaica had ever seen. The scare tactics they used by lying about Manley teuning Jamaica communist allowed them to received millions of dollars in guns and ammunition from the CIA which they in turn gave to killers in their constituency. Keep revising history to fit your own ideology. I hope too many idiots don’t listed to the crap you spout.

    1. Did you read the article COMRADE, or did you not see this disclaimer? “This analysis is not an endorsement of any political party, it is more-so a sweeping indictment of a political culture which has failed dismally in addressing the fundamental basic needs of the people”. Ok now that we have established that you either did not bother to read in your haste to defend the bull or worse you simply do not understand what you read.

  2. Prento does not know how it feels to be a cop in Jamaica probably one of those who benefits from the proceeds of crime. At no time is anyone talking about one prime minister we believe in dealing with the prime minister of the day who have the power to right the wrong of the present not of the past. The prime minister has that power. About policemen and women contributing to their down fall why not take it back to the homes where you grow them as criminals directly or indirectly and then unleash them on the force and other organizations so as to give these organizations bad names. Can you bend an old tree or teaches an old dog new tricks when they are already set in their ways. Train our children the way we want our society to be and we will have a better society. Train the child he/she ought to grow so that when they grow old the will not depart from it and if they do depart guilt will bring them quickly back in line.
    Every Jamaican government uses propaganda to win election here cause they all finds out that only fools are voting, people votes on what they hear not for what they sees.

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