A pressing issue which is affecting the rule of law in Jamaica is the public’s interference as police officers try to make lawful arrests. The interference has graduated systemically from trolling and taunts to actual physical help to the person being arrested.

Given the most ideal set of circumstances, the task of effecting an arrest is fraught with danger and risk. An officer does not know how the suspect will respond to losing his or her freedom.
As such the officer/s has to contingency plan for all eventualities just to make that arrest. The added danger of a potential outsider who has no business interfering with this most lawful administration of justice is rather dangerous.
The danger of a mob interfering with this process should elicit the most extreme of response from the officer/s to ensure that their lives and safety are guaranteed.

For years this most dangerous of practices have endured yet the grossly incompetent so-called high command has done absolutely nothing to educate the public of the perils of interfering in the administration of justice.
The Legislature has done absolutely nothing to make it extremely painful under the law to interfere in arrests.


The new occupant of 103 Old-Hope Road is for all intents and purposes mute on this subject, as he is on all other subjects to do with the job which was thrust upon him. You cannot fix what you do not know about, you cannot fix what you have no concept of and so Antony Anderson should be no more ridiculed than the woeful ignoramuses who preceded him.
In all fairness, it would be unfair to expect this interloper to have a serious solution to this rather critical issue when his predecessors who rose through the ranks did nothing before him.
Nevertheless, this problem to police officers needs a solution immediately.


So I ask all police officers who have to make arrests to re-examine what your powers are under the JCF Act.

Constabulary force Act.

38. If any person shall assault, obstruct, hinder or resist,
or use any threatening or abusive and calumnious language
or aid or incite any other person to assault, obstruct, hinder,
or resist any Constable in the execution of his duty, every
such offender shall be liable to a fine not exceeding two
thousand dollars.

There is no right to interfere, even if an honest and reasonable mistake about the lawfulness of the action is made unless there is imminent danger of injury or urgency of a kind which requires an immediate decision.
If you are making an arrest and you are being hindered, it is up to you to determine the threat level to yourself and take appropriate action.
You have every right if you believe that your life is in danger to use lethal force to repel those who would step in to impede your ability to execute your lawful duties.

If you are an officer who is willing to risk death and or the escape of your prisoner maybe the job is not for you. These anarchists who are always on the prowl to militate against Police will think rather seriously when a serious police officer dispatches one of them with serious precision.
You have every right to do your job and go home to your families. You get to decide whether you will allow mob rule to take your life for doing your job.
It is that simple.