Police Kill Black Men That’s It

As the debate surrounding the relationship between the African-American community and Police rages. Many in the black community

Abner Louima

Abner Louima

continue to believe that the relationship can be improved by the behavior of young black men.

Black middle class believe if they tell their sons to pull up their pants, not run from police, not talk-back to police,not go into the glove compartment when dealing with police. dressing a certain way etc, etc will keep them safe.

This sentiment was echoed by Judge Glenda Hatchett and others recently, in an interview conducted by CNN’s Fredrica Whitfield. I have heard parent after parent, person after person, say the same thing. I tell my kids don’t run, don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t have more than two people in a car  etc , etc. Yada, yada, yada, Some of this may make sense.

Ironically ,irrespective of what young black men do, nothing will change the attitudes of police toward the black community or our young sons. It is the attitudes of the Police which must change, not what black men do, it will never be enough. As we have seen in Ferguson Missouri and in Staten Island New York these two police departments fundamentally get it wrong .

Patrick Lynch the head of the NYPD PBA came out swinging at his employers, the people. The people say “we do not want you killing anyone selling loose cigarettes with choke holds”. The moronic Lynch and his cahoots said “resisting arrest is a serious crime we will continue to do what we do”. That kind of a brain-dead response is inimical of people who are bosses not servants of the people.

In Ferguson the people say “we do not want Armored personnel carriers with machine guns in our community when we peaceably gather

Amadou Diallo

Amadou Diallo

to demonstrate”. What has the brain-dead police done? They deploy the very same military style armor, arguably to antagonize and agitate the people.

As I said in a forum with friends today, delivery of police services must be commensurate with the needs of the community the police serve. The community pays for police services, the community deserves a say in what kind of service they receive and how the service is delivered.

Yet what happened in Ferguson, what happened in Staten Island, what happen in black communities all across America is still being mistaken as community events. Police departments and their largely white support structure comes out in support of criminal-cops who blatantly overstep their authority and abuse and kill citizens. It is very rare that a cop is ever held accountable despite mountains of evidence of brutality by them. Cameras have brought to light the complaints African-Americans have leveled at police for decades. Instead of adding cameras to police uniforms 12 States in the United States have moved to make it illegal for citizens to record police activity ,unless, they have permission of the same cops they would be videotaping for wrong-doing.

This systematic pattern of disrespect is hardly ever  experienced by whites . This forms the reason many whites rush to the defense of police when these events occur. No one tells young white kids how many of them should be in a car. No one tells them what to wear , or how to wear their clothes. (granted I hate the sagging pants , I believe it is the right of young blacks to wear them  that way. They will grow out of that trend eventually).

Police do not sodomize white men in station restrooms as NYPD member Justin Volpe did to AbnerLouima.Sodomized with a broken broom-stick , his pancreas and bladder ruptured. Abner Louima was hospitalized for months. His crime/He allegedly swung at Volpe. It

Sean Bell

Sean Bell

turned out it wasn’t even Louima who did .

Police do not kill white men the way they did Amadou Diallo. Shot at 41 times 19 bullets found his body. The young African immigrant had nothing but his wallet.

They do not kill white men the way they did Sean Bell. Murdered the day he was to be married. His crime/he was in a car that supposedly lurched toward plainclothes cops.

Or Anthony Baez. Murdered because the football he and his brother was playing with allegedly hit a police cruiser. (Police cruisers are paid for with tax payers money)

Or Eric Garner. murdered using an illegal choke-hold. His crime / He was suspected of selling loose untaxed cigarettes.

Or Michael Brown .Allegedly stole some cigars.

Or the countless others killed and viciously assaulted and framed all across America daily. We could go on and on about the systematic slaughter of young black men but that’s not all. Every year scores of men, largely African-Americans, are released from prison. These men are released after new evidence of their innocence surfaces , after they have already spent many years of their lives incarcerated for crimes they did not commit.

Some argue these men are not Angels. Angels or not, no one deserves to go to prison for a crime he did not commit. Prosecutors prosecute

Eric Garner

Eric Garner

on the evidence given them . It follows then that there has been and still is, a serious epidemic of police falsifying evidence to gain convictions. Thanks to Organizations like the Innocence Project some of the wrongfully convicted get to see the light of day again.

There are some well dressed so called blacks who believe people like Al Sharpton who bring attention to these injustices are self-serving. Some of these well dressed monkeys also believe folks in Ferguson Missouri are over-reacting , the truth is it will get to their doors-steps soon enough .

These out of control cops do not care about your monkey-suits or slick-back hair . To them you are just another N****r.