This is where our country Jamaica is at the moment.
Over a thousand people dead and the killings are continuing day by day. The Island’s justice system is geared at protecting criminals as can clearly be seen from this recent statement by the Island Justice Minister as far as detentions are concerned in the so called Zones of Special Operations.


The nonsensical notion that police officers whose jobs it is to arrest criminals will be forced to cede their professional authority and judgment to untrained political hacks who are now bearing the fancy name lay magistrates is stunningly retrograde.
There is no precedent for anything like this in any western democracy.

Delroy Chuck Minister of Justice…

“If a person is to be detained, the police will have to convince the JPs that this person is suspected (of committing a crime), and if the JPs disagree, the man must be released. If the JPs agree, within 24 hours that person must be taken before a parish judge.”Delroy Chuck…..