Police Shame

us news photo

us news photo

Police in Ferguson Missouri should feel ashamed .That shame should also be palpable to Cops in Staten Island New York . It should be felt by every cop and every person who supports and believes in the rule of law everywhere.

It ought to grate on the conscience of every cop, when the community they serve sees them as murderous tyrants. Law enforcement is a dangerous job. I know something about that, having being a front line cop who bear the scar of being shot in the line of duty.

One of the problem which bedevils Police Departments is their bone-headed approach to citizens complaints . Perceptions are sometimes reality. I served in a Department which did not heed the calls to change until it completely lost the confidence of the public .

It does not help police departments when they batten down the hatches and refuse to change. The streets of Ferguson is proof positive that approach does not work.

It cannot be that a police officer decidedly shoots someone because that person is.

1)Running away.

2)Hits a cop.

3)Says something an ego-maniacal  cop does not like, or otherwise.

us news photo

us news photo

Police officers are authorized to use lethal force only in defense of their lives or that of another. There are police cheer-leaders who talk out of the side of their mouths about when cops ought to use lethal force.

The fact is police officers are bound by law to arrest someone even if that person just shot at him/her as long as that person laid the weapon down. Cops nowadays are very happy to execute people for the slightest reasons.

The second reason for shame is the looting by certain  criminal elements who are using this tragedy to destroy businesses in their own community. Residents of Ferguson have every right to demonstrate against police brutality and aggression against members of their community. They do not have a right to destroy property. They do not have a right to loot stores and steal property.

Then there is the white majority which largely sits on it’s rear-end and benefit from white privileged. By it’s silence and refusal to be identified with those who are suffering under the brutal yoke of brutish police departments they have sided with the oppressors. If this criminal assault by cops is allowed to continue, it will eventually get to their door soon enough. It may not come with the venomous hatred many cops have for the black population.  It will come for other reasons.

Police brutality is a national Epidemic which survives and thrives on the silent acquiescence of the white majority. The white majority pretends not to see because it is yet to get to it’s doorsteps. That may soon change. The so called main-stream media does nothing to report on police excesses. Cops pretty much have carte-blanche to do what they chose.

I am delighted to see residents of Ferguson standing up and saying no more , lets hope this is not a flash in the pan but  a National awakening which will push back the Police to being servants of the people and not their Lord executioners. There is a sense of ownership which comes from the narrative of the non-minority population in this country. Not sure where that sense of ownership comes from.

I haven’t heard the opinions of Native Americans on this issue, . I will be happy to hear from them when this ownership question comes up. In the meantime I will throw my support behind the sons and daughters of slaves who bled and died for this land and still do today. Right now my tolerance for the slave-masters and their house slaves is very low.