According to recent crowing from Errol Chattoo, the director of complaints for INDECOM’s Western Regional office, police fatal shootings are down this year compared to the corresponding period last year.
Responding to local media Chattoo remarked:
“We have seen a significant decrease in police fatal shootings across western Jamaica between 2017 and 2018,” said Chattoo, in providing the figures outlining the comparison. “When one looks at St James, where 28 civilians were fatally shot in 2017, we had 17 less in 2018, as the number dropped to 11.”
Inspired by the numbers, Chattoo said that INDECOM wants the police to be cognizant of how they use force, as the organization is committed to continuing their push to encourage professional behavior.

Even though the INDECOM mouthpiece did not directly take credit for the lower police shootings, I believe we all know that their aim is to see low, to non-existent police shootings, criminals killing citizens does not matter.
Set that aside for a minute and we can understand clearly that the fewer incidents in which police are forced into the use of lethal force may readily be attributable to the fact that during the time stipulated the ZOSO was in effect.
Lower across the board crime numbers support the foregone.
Those facts missed both the local Gleaner and the police watchdog group, or it wasn’t worth mentioning in their reporting.
See reporting here:

More recent reporting this month shows a continued drop in police shooting of civilians, according to the [Gleaner] Statistics from the Jamaica Constabulary Force show that 21 civilians were killed by police personnel between January 1 and April 6, 2019. This is 12 fewer cases when compared to the corresponding period last year. There has, however, been an increase in the number of people killed by licensed firearm holders. A total of six persons were fatally shot, five more when compared with the same period in 2018. And two persons were killed by security guards. Meanwhile, the figures indicate that there was a fall in the number of persons arrested by the police during the period. The statistics show that a total of 3350 arrests were made compared with the 3807 recorded in 2018. The majority of the arrests, 287 cases, were for breaches in the Firearms Act.

In that reporting, there is a direct cause for alarm if you are a law-abiding citizen.
(1) Police are engaging fewer armed criminals.
(2) Licensed Firearm holders seem to be pressed into defending themselves and others as there seems to be a drop off in police engagements.
(3) Police have arrested fewer people for the period this year against the corresponding period the previous year.
(4) Frighteningly, the majority of the arrests, 287 cases, were for breaches of the Firearms Act.
(5) At the same time, there has been no letup in the number of violent assaults and murders as well as sustained military-styled operations carried out by heavily armed thugs across the Island.
Just yesterday five people were shot, two fatally, on Tower Avenue in Olympic Gardens, St Andrew. Twelve hundred and eighty-seven (1,287) murders were recorded last year, this meansJamaica has a homicide rate of approximately 47 per 100,000.
The shocking reality of this is that Jamaicas murder rate is almost three times higher than the average for Latin America and the Caribbean, which has the highest homicide rate globally of 16 per 100,000 of the population.

The creator of this video added video to the audio which is unrelated.
Nevertheless the aduio is no less factual because the video may have created some confusion in the minds of some viewers who cannot figure things out without being spoon fed.

So in the excitement of winning elections to solidify power or to set an agenda to retake power when the green and orange colors are back in the closets the dark statistics remain the same and are getting worse.
At the same time, protracted gunbattles rage in Kingston 11 between what is reported to be gangsters from 35 Lane in what the street said is revenge for the shooting of Oney British.
In online audio of some of the shooting which went on for several minutes, the horrifying barrage of high-powered weapons-fire was almost surreal, as residents cowered in fear and angst.
These are the scenes all across the Island yet the focus is on lower police shooting data.

no shortage of guns heading into and in the Island.

Jamaica’s leaders continue to delude themselves and lie to others overseas that the Island is safe when the reverse is true. Crime is out of control but they will tell you that crime is trending down.
Not true!
Violent crimes are running rampant, heavily armed thugs attack and kill whomever they will, whenever they want.
They have an endless supply of weapons and ammunition while in some cases entire police stations do not have enough ammunition to arm officers going out on duty.

Police stations have no vehicle and in cases where a vehicle exist, the firepower of the gangsters are exponentially superior to anything the police could muster. Added to that officers are under immense stress and strain if they engage the marauding gangsters even after they have killed innocent citizens.
Such is the reality in Jamaica, and police officers are not allowed to speak out to the media and certainly, they are not allowed to speak out on social media.
It is shocking, what’s occurring on the island, as the focus which ought to be on enforcing the laws are concentrated on protecting the rights and interest of murderous thugs.
The faux-commissioner of police, who never did a minute policing in his life, dreams of the day when all police officers will be human rights agents.
Not having the benefit of ever being a police officer. Not having had the benefit of actually donning a police officer’s uniform, (not an unearned costume). Not ever having the conviction which draws a real police officer into service, Antony Anderson lacks the wisdom and the knowledge, that before officers took the oath to serve, they were already human rights activist.
That is what draws real officers to serve, the call to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves.
The desire to stand up to the bully. The desire to stand between those who are powerless and those who are powerful and arrogant.

When the chief law-enforcement officer is ignorant of these ideals, it is no wonder that criminals continue their murderous rampage.
When our police officers are reduced to window- dressing, de-authorized and demotivated from acting in defense of the nation’s laws, the situation is only going to get worse.
While the Nation’s leaders and elites focus on building a police force of patsies with pasted on smiles in the place of a real police force, criminals consolidated their power bases and build out their support structure and geographical spheres of influence using terror, fear, and cohersion.
They openly display high-powered weapons on social media without fear of prosecution because with INDECOM and the Governemnt on the back of the police who will stand in their way?
Welcom to Jamaica the land of Kartel and Buju, both convicted felons, both wildly popular role models.

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  1. They’ll wake up when one of their elitists get what the duck get. The corruption in Jamaica is widespread, and it’s not going to get better but worse.

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