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What message is  being sent  to the public, when a police force of just under 10.000 is constantly forced to issue warnings to it’s members, that criminals are out to kill them?
law abiding citizens cannot feel safe, if the people entrusted with their safety is preoccupied with protecting their own damn lives.
Last night I had a conversation with a dear friend who is a serving Superintendent of police in the Jamaica Constabulary Force, he tells me that the police force of yester-year is no more, he boasted that the force’s upper-echelon are all holders of either one or two degrees. Great I though, the next morning the Jamaica observer bore out my friend’s assertion,

I have argued for years as a matter of historical record that the police force is the only entity in Jamaica that seeks to fix itself. As per Transparency International the political directorate is getting  even more corrupt. No agency is spared , that includes the judiciary. I generally do not attach to any credibility to opinions or analysis foreign groups have to about my country. Particularly when they come in as saviors with the power of good over evil.  Generally their research is flawed accounts of people who are part of the problem rather than agents of a solution.  Even so however there are Jamaicans who have figured out to make money, and fame from these very White Knights who come in as friends.


None more so ,than the group Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ)and their leader a pediatrician Carolyn Gomes. She  figured out how to ride that gravy-train, beat up the police under the guise of Human Rights, get national honor at home and money from abroad.  On this however I agree with Transparency International. I commend the police and in particular Commissioner Ellington on some of the moves he has made to engender trust in the police force. I do not agree with everything he’s done, but on his public stance regarding corruption he has my support. Dirty cops are bad for the department and the country. Bravo JCF !!!


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Carolyn Gomes the criminal Rights activist based at Fagan Avenue ,continues to thumb her nose at the death of innocent Jamaicans who are killed by criminal . She does so even as she aids and comfort every criminal arrested or shot by police. Let me say again I personally will not stand by and allow Carolyn Gomes, Susan Goffe and their cronies to put the lives of police officers at further risk through their work of lies and disinformation. We will rally the necessary support to push back against  this anti-Jamaican activity . To the Police Federation , you are a union, the police force cannot push back against politicians and other interest groups who malign the force with lies and smear.  You can , that’s your job, stop engaging in actions to protect cops who are doing things they have no business doing, stop lobbying for cops who are doing wrong things and do your job , fight for what’s right.  And one more thing Federation chairman, I am talking to you, I have sources, take my advice. The police Federation is supposed to speak forcefully for rank and file members, not lobby for officers who run afoul of the laws.

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