I had no idea that the Government had embarked on a process of cutting and in some cases eliminating security detail for past ministers of Government.
In fact, to be honest, I had totally forgotten that a struggling Jamaica, a poor developing country, was engaged in the practice of giving security detail to past ministers. All this while the poor citizens of the country, not so lucky or rich enough to live behind high walls are left to the mercy of the criminals those very same politicians created.
Now that the issue is once again front and center I do recall a former minister of National Security Dwight Nelson(now deceased) complaining, that the then PNP administration had pulled his security detail at one point.


“It is particularly troubling that while we are experiencing vicious attacks on our elected or former elected officials, and heightened the level of threats, the government has proposed to withdraw or minimize the security details of the former ministers of government,” PNP General Secretary Julian Robinson said in a media release

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Julian Robinson

Robinson was speaking to the killing of Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield, a member of parliament for East Portland, who was murdered over a week ago at his home, as well as the recent killing of former councilor for the White Horses Division in St Thomas, Madge Morris.
Also addressing the issue of the two killings, which directly impacted the PNP, opposition leader Peter Phillips said “It is particularly shocking as the party continues in mourning over the tragic death of our [comrade] and colleague, Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield, a member of parliament for East Portland, who was murdered over a week ago at his home.” 

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Peter Phillips Opposition Leader in parliament and (role model to the nation’s children)

Can I say just how stupid and totally 1970’s the continued use of the term [“Comrade“] is in 2019?
That they continue to Harken to and refuse to let go of a term used by failed Communists and reactionary socialists in reference to each other, speaks volumes about where the PNP continues to be.
Communism and the brand of Socialism to which the PNP subscribers have been an abject failure with no representative success story to which the PNP can point to for validation.

Now to the griping about security details.
To begin with, there should be zero police protection afforded any past politicians in Jamaica (of either party).
If I had my way there would be none afforded even serving ministers of government.
My reasoning behind that position is simple. Jamaica’s politicians are a bunch of egotistical losers.
They created the environment of division and envy. They created the garrisons which became incubators of criminality.
They created the animosity between the police and the citizens by using the JCF as a scapegoat distraction for their failures to take the appropriate steps to secure the country.
They continue to maintain contact with criminals who secure their elections in those zones of political exclusions.
Jamaica is a small developing country which can ill afford the extravagance of security for past failed politicians.
Let them be exposed to the stench of the morass they created.

I don’t want to hear a single word of bitching about politicians killed. No life is more important than another, it is time that Jamaica’s half baked idiotic politicians learn this lesson.
Actions have consequences.
The atmosphere of envy, mistrust, division, and lawlessness created by the two political gangs which passes for political parties is now producing the whirlwind which is threatening to engulf them all.
It is about time and none too soon.