The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) and the Jamaica Defense Force JDF has worked side by side for decades. Together both of these Institutions of Government have given blood sweat and tears to nation-building.
In the fight to secure the Nation as it relates to protecting Jamaica’s expansive unprotected shoreline, both the (JCF’S)Marine Patrols and the(JDF’s) Coast guard have logged innumerable amounts of hours while the nation sleeps.
Despite their efforts, because of the expanse of unprotected shoreline and the lack of resources, guns and drugs continue to flood the Island from Haiti and Latin America.

In the interior of the country, the (JDF) has assisted the (JCF) with logistical as well as numerical support, particularly when the need arises for declaring the State of Emergency, or when the Nation faces an existential threat, like the one faced in 2010 with the Tivoli Gardens annexation to the Jamaican state.
I can personally attest to the relationships forged on a personal level with members of the Military as a young constable stationed at the Mobile Reserve.
We did Rat-Patrols, rappeled from JDF Helicopters in the mountains of Montpelier to destroy Ganga fields, staked out illegal airstrips and much more.
On all of those assignments, whether it was one police officer and a bunch of soldiers or several police officers and even more soldiers, we were a brotherhood.

Having laid out the way the two Organizations are inextricably linked, I want to register my disgust at the idea that anyone, much less someone with direct control over the national security apparatus would expand or exploit any fissure or crack (even perception wise)which may exist between the two, for political or more ominous purposes.
And so today I want to talk about an age-old perception within the population that soldiers are more trustworthy, less corrupt.
In doing so I wish to offer a bit of perspective in this continued assault on the (JCF) by certain people at the top of this Administration.
At the same time, I wish to once again explain that soldiers fight wars and are seen as heroes. Even though members of the (JDF) never have to go to war, the Military does not go out to haul criminals off to jail, and so soldiers are not viewed the same way that police officers are.
In a country like Jamaica which is deemed to be 84% corrupt, the flirtatious love affair which exists between the military and the populace is quite understandable. Arguably more consequential is the issue of crimes and acts of corruption among members of the (JDF), these are generally kept out of the public eye and are dealt with by the military, quite unlike incidents which involve the police which is plastered in public spaces for all to see.

Rather than inject much more of my own thoughts about corruption within the JDF I will co-opt the words of some past members of both the (JCF) and (JDF) who like myself are nauseated at the idea that there are moves afoot to disrespect the (JCF) while extolling false virtues assigned to the (JDF).
None of this should be a thing but when members of the (JCF) are pushed aside and replaced with heads of the (JDF) to head the force under the guise that the police are too tainted and the military trustworthy we are forced to speak out.
When the ZOSO in St James was basically sold as a JDF operation with the (JCF) In a support role we are forced to speak out.
When there is a hotline to the (JDF) because of a supposed lack of trust for the police, even as the police hotlines are confidential we call bullshit.
When the Commissioner of Police, a usurper from the (JDF) brings over his driver to the (JCF) supposedly because he has special skills or the commissioner do not trust the police and have him promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Police, we call them out as corrupt.
When the Commissioner of police purport not to trust the men and women under his command, he is in the wrong job as my friend said.

So here are a few of the comments on this issue, I’ll let them tell it.

Corruption and criminality come from our society.
I being an ex-soldier knows that there is a lot of soldiers back in my time being incarcerated for various criminal activities. Guns have gone missing in camp and from New Castle without the public’s knowledge. Soldiers and ex-soldiers have been implicated in training criminal gunmen. Reporters can’t go into camp and get that information but police highlight every case in which they arrest the police or ex-police officer. Every organization has criminals and corruption in it. Soldier shoots girlfriend, girlfriend family, Soldiers shoots girlfriend, soldier robs bread van in cross roads.
You hardly hear much about the end because they are not all over the Island like the cops. Soldiers collect money from ganja-farmers in West, allowing them to reap their crops then burn a small portion.
Soldier drowns their senior ranks at sea, as boat load of ganja gone missing.
Let us deploy these soldiers at every police station and give them the powers of arrest and also a ticket book then we can talk about the squeaky cleaners of the army.
Most Jamaicans are always and will forever be stupid. It is like a diehearted political lackey, their party is always the best regardless of all the malfeances and atrocities they commit.

There was a time back when soldiers based at Vernamfield Clarendon, actually every week they arranged for and cause ganja planes to land on the strips and collect ganja, thinking now are paragons of virtue?

The first RPG (Rocket Propel Grenade launcher) recovered in Jamaica was in 1997 and was recovered by the police in Kingston 11 in possession of a soldier at top jungle or tank, Kingston 12.
The importer of this weapon was the nephew of Member of Parliament, and he wasn’t arrested and charged for the shoulder held weapon.
The man fled to another jurisdiction and the soldier was on bail, and he fled the country.

In 1999 a former member of the Jamaican Defense Force who was a member of the Jamaican Constabulary Force and stationed at Half-Way-Tree Police Station (name withheld) gave his police uniform to a Canadian fugitive who was able to escape from the Kingston Public Hospital under police guard.
The fugitive was a white man, and the police officer was half white. The fugitive was held a few weeks later in Rose Town, Kingston 11 living with the former soldiers family members.
He was allowed to resign because they did not want to embarrass the army because there were red flags during his antecedent investigations, but he got help from within the organization.

There were two (2) Trailer loads of guns and ammunition found near a high rise buildings downtown Kingston (near the Coronation Market). Those Containers were taken to JDF-HQ where they went missing. You who are talking about Soldiers honesty, please do some research and let us know your findings.

There was a Soldier name, Kenamar Johnson, who usually trained gunmen in web lane, Clarendon to use, Ak and m16. He was a Sniper for the JDF and a hit man for the Web Lane Gang. He was eventually killed by Police in Clarendon, after he was dismissed from the army.

Why Soldiers are more liked than police 🤔, first thing comes to mind (powers of arrest), when you serve as an occupying force and have the powers of arrest, I can tell you that people don’t like you as much…

So there, I believe there ought to be an accounting by both the (JDF) and definitely the (JCF), of all members of the military who have been arrested and charged with a crime and appropriate case dispositions done involving each case.
Just like the incidents of police corruption are always rightly in the open.
One of the things which I have suggested the (JCF) can be better at, despite the lack of resources and support from Government, is to do an overall better job on its own.
These are some of the areas in which the Agency can collect this data and archive it, so that the Agency can use the data to debunk the lies and disrespect coming from the two criminal gangs which run the country, as well as to formulate strategies.
Members of the (JCF) at all levels, have done tremendous harm to the Agency, for that there is no excuse.
The crimes attributed to members are inexplicable and indefensible.
The corruption in the (JCF) is nevertheless a function of a wider societal decay and lack of morality which has its’ genesis at the highest levels of Governmental Administrations.
Before the Politicians exploit for their own purposes, the differences between the two organizations, it is important that they look in the mirror and first pluck the beam from their own eyes, then remove the corrupt criminals who are among them right there in the People’s house.
When there is moral leadership from the top the people have no choice but to fall in line.

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  1. “The corruption in the JCF is nevertheless a function of wider societal decay and lack of morality” so isn’t this the same with the JDF or they from a different planet?

    1. Of course it is.
      The point is that we cannot single out one agency for ridicule while elevating another on a false premis!!!

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