As America awaits the verdict from an almost all white female jury in Sanford Florida, I took a minute to  ponder some of the information in the public domain. I do not have all the evidence in front of me, yet I believe there are some questions which I believe are still not answered.

Does a Jury of 5 white women out of 6 women represent the interest of Trayvon Martin?

How come we did not hear about injuries to George Zimmerman even when his team was alleging “stand your ground“, before they realized that defense would not (14)


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Who took these pictures, and why?

Was Zimmerman in a police car?

Was he handcuffed?

Whether he was cuffed or not, what was the reason for taking these photographs?

Why was the public fed the narrative that George Zimmerman was in a life and death struggle with Trayvon Martin, when the phone call Trayvon Martin had with Rachel Jantel did not support that narrative?

Mark Omara claimed there was a 4 minute lapse in the timeline in which Trayvon Martin could have gone home , why did his client the menacing stalker with a gun, not go home.

If I was hiding from a creepy cracker, why would I lead that creepy cracker to my home?

If Trayvon Martin was on top, of the more than 50 pounds heavier George Zimmerman, in a straddle-hold in wet grass, how come there is no known green coloring of the knees of Trayvon Martin’s pants. It would require  considerable pressure of the knee-area which invariably would lead to considerable grass staining of that area of Martin’s pants, irrespective of the type or color of his pants.

From a practical perspective, it is very difficult to stay on top of anyone in a struggle, and certainly much more difficult, if the person on the bottom is heavier that the person on top. That would necessitate the person on top having to adopt a much lower center of gravity, essentially firmly pressed against the person on the bottom , with the person on top face having to be almost pressed against the face or neck of the person on the bottom.

If my hypothesis is correct,it would make it literally impossible for the person on top,in this case (Trayvon Martin) as alleged to, 1) maintain that top position as a result of his lesser weight, and 2) literally impossible for him to see the weapon which from Zimmerman’s own admission was in a holster in the back of his pants. It would also make it impossible for him to pull the weapon if the scenario he and his lawyers laid out as facts are correct.

It would be literally impossible for a struggle of that nature and magnitude, to occur without DNA evidence under the finger-nails of the victim Trayvon Martin. Even if this highly improbable was to occur, there would have been evidence of contact, evident of of a struggle, scratches, as would occur in most cases of a sexual assault.

Mark Omara took a chunk of concrete into court alleging that that was a weapon , giving the impression that Trayvon Martin had a weapon which justified his death, another false-hood.

If Zimmerman acted in good faith and was innocent of malice who posted these pictures, and why?

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I’ll tell you why, it is for the same reason that Zimmerman and his lawyer Mark Omara found themselves on the television show of one of the most despicable racial cretins in America, Sean Hannity, where he declared arrogantly he would have done nothing differently, because the killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin was quote “God’s will”.

It is for the very reason why he is able to mount this very expensive defense. A defense which seemingly has unlimited resources to pay expert witnesses to testify to the veracity of their lies. There are people putting large sums of money into defending him and funding his family. It is for the very reason, there are so-called expert witnesses ,(white women ) lawyers who are adamantly making the case that Zimmerman legitimately killed 17 year old Trayvon Martin.

So, how did we get to this? Zimmerman is not exactly a blond, blue-eyed Caucasian male, is he? He doesn’t have to be, there is enough inherent hatred in America for black people, particularly on the right. It does not matter how right Trayvon Martin was, or how murderous George Zimmerman is, literally half of this country does not care, it’s all about race.

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This fraudulent characterization was designed to depict 17 year-old Trayvon Martin as a fearsome black monster , a fearsome thug, while viscerally depicting The murderer George Zimmerman as an all American suit-and-tie good guy. Many people believe these are subliminal messaging. There is nothing subliminal here, these are overt racial stereotypes.

Why was the lead investigator Detective Chris Serino,the initial investigator over-ruled when he thought Zimmerman should be charged with manslaughter? Why is he back on regular patrol duties?

Whether we want to face the truth or not it does not change facts, America is still an incredibly racist country. There are people with a lot of hatred in their hearts, at the heart of what killed Trayvon Martin, is that deep-seated animus many whites have for black people.