There is much back and forth regarding a video in which a Jamaican so-called disc jockey who goes by the moniker “POPCAAN” is seen firing two weapons.
On the one hand, he fires a weapon which appears to be an AR15 then simply drops the weapon on the ground and pulls a semi-automatic weapon from his waistband and commences to fire the weapon as he jumps around like a previously caged monkey happy to be free from bondage.

In a statement, Popcaan’s management team said they wanted to assure fans that the “gun-shooting exercise took place in a supervised and safe setting, an official shooting range, a specialized facility designed for firearms qualifications, training, or practice”. According to the deejay’s handlers, he was at the Lower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club, in Ontario, Canada where the entertainer had been on tour at the time.

Whether the shooting occurred in Canada or Cassava piece what we witnessed was a lunatic careless misuse of weaponry the maniac had no business handling.
The moronic display regardless of where he was, was a case study in how never to handle dangerous weapons and why those dangerous weapons should be kept out of the hands of imbeciles.

The way in which he discarded the automatic weapon after use and the mindless discharge of the handgun is eerily reminiscent of what Jamaican police officers and innocent civilians face at the hands of these moronic cretins.
As for the arguments that this was done in a supervised setting,, that gibberish makes a mockery of any sane person’s understanding of what constitutes a safe and supervised setting.

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