Portia Deliberately Lied To The Country:

Information coming out of Jamaica yesterday indicates that recently elected Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has backed away from her grand pronouncements that she would roll out 700 jobs as the first stage of her campaign programme (JEEP) Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme. We also learned that the much vaunted JEEP was a stolen concept dredged up by the former government of the labor party.

There are two ironies here (1) If true that the labor party came up with the programme , what did the PNP run on? (2) The JLP revealed the money from their programme would have come from the (IDB) Inter American Developement Bank, and not the JDIP The Jamaica Developement infrastructural Programme. The JDIP of course is money borrowed from the Chinese Government specifically for the country’s infrastructural developement.

The country’s left leaning daily Gleaner characterized this story this way:

The highly anticipated Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme (JEEP) failed to get off the ground in St Ann yesterday, with the Government all but admitting to misleading the nation.

Story here:jamaicagleaner.com

Simpson Miller did tell the country that 700 jobs would be created in 7 parishes that amounts to an average 100 jobs per parish as I have said before this will do very little to address the country’s crippling unemployment problem but it is a step in the right direction. I also stated that I had no quarrel with the jobs being created, my problem is how are they funded. Jamaica cannot borrow money from overseas lenders to de-bush gullies and clean drains, that money must come from taxes or some other source. If there is to be massive job creation by government the source of funding must be local, cleaning drain and gullies does not return a profit, it is a financially negligible endeavour. Where are the funds to come from to repay lenders their money with interest?  If there is no identifiable source of funding within the country in the first place .

I am aware that people need jobs, this is just not the way.

The real question is why did the Prime Minister think it necessary to lie to the public that the jobs to be rolled out were part of the emergency employment programme when she knew it was a deliberate falsehood? The Prime Minister must know it is beneath the office of Prime Minister. Immediately upon being elected she has started  lying to the public, this is the second act of betrayal she has committed in the couple of weeks since she has been installed as Prime Minister. This comes after she appointed a larger cabinet than former Prime Minister Golding after stridently criticizing him for the size of the executive during Golding’s tenure as Prime Minister. This Prime Minister has shown herself to be either of two things, either she takes the people who voted her into office for fools, as per the answer she gave when quizzed about the size of her cabinet. Or she is a pathological liar, you decide.

This Government would not have been  my choice for the country,  it is however the choice of the majority of electors who voted in the last elections. as such we have to respect their decision. Whether they voted the way they did because they wanted the feel good we are told is  associated with the PNP or they were pissed at the Labor party because of the Coke matter is for the voters to articulate, the fact is we have to respect their choice.


Portia Simpson Miller given a second chance could have decided to choose a path of honesty, integrity, fidelity,and character, instead she has steadfastly demonstrated that a leopard cannot change its spots, she has demonstrated a rank disdain for the integrity of the process. Her in your face contemptuous appointment of a cabinet larger  than Golding’s and the answer she gave when quizzed is synonymous to her disrespectful response when she was quizzed about Trafigura in which she stated quote go ask the PNP, for the record  Simpson Miller is the PNP.

Portia Simpson Miller has chosen to return to the rancid corruption and cronyism that characterized the PNP’s 18 1/2 years in office ,where corruption was the norm, crime ran rampant, and it was anything goes. She understands fully well the intellectual shortcomings of a large portion of the electorate, and though not an intellectual heavy-weight herself she has enough  savvy, from being around the process long enough to understand how to worm her way into the hearts of the aforementioned electorate.