“Our mission of uplifting the Jamaican people and working toward economic independence was challenged during the past year by the slippage of the Jamaican dollar. The Net International Reserves also dipped, but not our reserve of courage, determination and resilience in the face of the international economic environment and domestic challenges. Yet, our confidence in the Jamaican people has never been stronger.

“Our ancestors did not fight so gallantly; did not shed their blood for us to now capitulate to gloom and doom. No. We know, as Jimmy Cliff assured us, that we can get it if we really want. All we have to do is to try, try and try, and we will succeed at last.”

PM Simpson Miller:

No those were not my words, they were uttered by Jamaica’s illustrious Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller pictured above. In fact those words were uttered by Miller but must have been written by a speech writer who clearly doesn’t yet understand the way each line and every word would be analyzed and construed.

I’m not here to critique the Prime Minister’s speech , I am simply here to draw attention to the fact that Jamaica is in dire straits, and to shine a light to those wishing to see that the Country’s leaders have no clue.

She did not have the honesty or the gravitas to accept responsibility for the destruction of the Dollar.

It’s interesting that the Prime Minister has nothing she could point to as progress made since they won the elections on December 29th 2011. In fact after the PNP took office they had not tabled much less passed a single piece of legislation within the first 100 days of attaining office.

This is testament to what I concluded then that this party was tired, out of ideas, and had no clue that the people would thrust them back into governance after such a short respite. Remember that prior to the history making JLP single term, the PNP had been in office for an unbroken 181/2 years, during which time everything we knew and loved about Jamaica had changed for the worse.

It comes as no surprise then that the Prime Minister would characterize the serious economic crisis facing the country as , Quote”

Our mission of uplifting the Jamaican people and working toward economic independence was challenged during the past year by the slippage of the Jamaican dollar. The Net International Reserves also dipped”

This statement has to be the understatement of the decade, it goes to the heart of why Jamaica’s precipitous position will not change under this administration. As I have said before you cannot fix something you do not understand!

So while the Prime Minister downplays the seriousness of the country’s economic situation crime continues to escalate, less Jamaicans are returning to the land of their birth to visit , much less to resettle. Even Police Officers are being slaughtered and the Police Department long laid bare by nepotism , politics and corruption, is reduced to uttering threats to criminals. The irony is that criminals do not make idle threats, they actually carry out their intentions with cold efficiency, irrespective of the victim, police of otherwise.

Over the last few days a Detective Sargent was slaughtered as he arrived home, a few weeks ago a retired Deputy Superintendent Denzil Boyd was slaughtered , you guessed it…. as he arrived home. Before that Retired Superintendent Anthony Hewitt was murdered in broad daylight, also to lose his life was Senior Superintendent Dathan Henry, a friend of mine, word on the street is that he was murdered, poison being the method used.

To date neither of these murders have been solved, the Jamaica Constabulary Force zero of 4. The year was 1991, after serving 10 years in the JCF I decided  to call it a day, I was 30 years old , I figured I would not stay and  be an old bitter corrupt cop. I had successfully sat and passed the Acting Corporal exam the first time around at 2 years service. Not promoted !

tony hewitt








At 4 years service I was allowed to sit the Corporal exam, aced it . Not promoted.

Sent on CIB course. Aced it, highest score in the written exams, second highest score in weapons and tactical shooting, wrote and deviled the Valedictory address, wrote the vote of thanks for the woman cop who delivered it.

Then came the accelerated exam program, I was one of seventy-five who passed, of the 400 plus who qualified to sit the exams, did the interview, the Superintendent did not recommend me because he couldn’t push me around. This despite 13 commendations on my record in less than a decade of service and no instance of impropriety of any kind. Not to mention accolades from highly placed members of the society who crossed path with me and wanted the Commissioner to know. I still have a at least one hanging on my home office wall from the former chairman of the Police Services Commssion Noel Hylton.

It wasn’t until after I had bought a ticket and decided that I was leaving the Force and the Country that I was summoned to 103 Old Hope Road to meet with Deputy Commissioner Harper to discuss my future, much to my dismay. No one ever thought that it was necessary to promote a hard-working cop who had name recognition, clean record, and credibility with the people he served. It was only after I was ready to walk out the door they were ready to promise me promotion and opportunity to lead some new squad or another that was more intelligence based, that would focus on illegal trading in foreign currency on the country’s west coast.


I politely declined, true to his word, DCP Harper saw that I was promoted the same week. I learned of that promotion from New York. There was no mention of my qualification for the accelerated program, which superseded most of what they had, many of whom were lackeys, boot-lickers, yes-men , who could not catch a criminal if he was in their bed. You know the type, the force is full of them now as senior officers.

Dathan (duffy( Henry

My story is the story of a lot of talented and dedicated men and women who simply walked away, after all the JCF of today is what’s left, it’s not much, they cannot investigate, they are still mired in cliques, friends, politics, ass-kissers, boot-lickers , and yard boys, I refused to be any of those.

I am not in any way impugning the character of all members of the Force, those who are labeled ,pretty well know themselves, they didn’t have any use for me when I served , they were scared, because I didn’t take or put up with any s***.


The killers of these men are, actually still walking around without any fear of apprehension, they know the Police Force is inept, corrupt, and incapable of fulfilling their empty promise to bring them to justice, or to bring justice to them, my preference in cases like these. In other localities Killers of law enforcement officers are treated with the utmost dispatch and alacrity, they will not rest until cop-killers are caught or killed, in Jamaica it’s business as usual. Law enforcement is rendered impotent, by politics and criminal supporting groups like Jamaicans for Justice, which openly supports and lends comfort to mass killers and cop killers.

In 1991 the JCF was clearing up about 70% of the crimes reported to it, today that number is down to 7 % , and the conviction rate is around 1-3% . For those who wonder why there are so many killings, look no further than within these numbers. Criminals commit crimes when the chance of getting caught is low. In Jamaica it’s next to zero.

If you ever thought politics do not seriously impact your life ,take a look at Jamaica and see what a people’s addictive infatuation with promises , giveaways,cheap populism, a faux nationalism does to a country.