Richard Azan member of Parlaiment for  North West Clarendon and former Junior Minister in the Ministry of Transport , Works and Housing was again elevated to Cabinet position. Richard Azan resigned after information came to light that he in his position as Member of Parliament for North West Clarendon and as Junior Minister in the ministry aforementioned, abused his authority, contrary to what he is legally empowered, to give permission for a private contractor to build shops on lands inside the refurbished Spaldings Market, without the approval of the local authority that owned the property.

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After the incident came to light the monies which were collected and paid to Azans constituency office was allegedly conveniently returned to the parish council. For those not understanding Jamaican Politics let me explain.  1) Azan as member of parliament had zero authority to order construction of the shops. That is within the authority of the Clarendon Parish council. 2) The political constituency office has no authority to collect, much less keep rental-fees collected from shop operators. As such the Contractor General at the time Dirk Harrison recommended that the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP)Paula Llewelyn proffer charges against Richard Azan.  As a result of the scandal Azan tendered his resignation to the Prime Minister Portia Lucreita Simpson Miller.Miller accepted Azan’s Resignation and had this to say.

“I have accepted his resignation. I wish to place on record our thanks to him for his hard work and commitment to improving the lives of the people during his tenure.” 

Azans resignation letter.September 20, 2013
The Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller, ON, MP Prime Minister 
Office of the Prime Minister 

1 Devon Road 
Kingston 10 
Dear Prime Minister, 
The Contractor General has handed in his report of his investigation into the erection of wooden shops on the periphery of the parking lot at the Spalding market. I wish to assure you and the Cabinet, that I received no money, favours or personal benefit, financial or otherwise from the erection or rental of the shops by Bryant Construction. My legal team has reviewed the report and advised that the Contractor General has come to certain conclusions not supported by the facts and the team has recommended that the report be challenged. The team has also advised that the Contractor General’s report shows no evidence of dishonesty on my part. 
In the circumstance, I wish to stand down from my ministerial position. I will in the meantime, vigorously fight to clear my name, which has been defamed by the Contractor General’s characterization of corruption and by utterances in sections of the media. 
Yours respectfully, 
Richard Azan, JP. MP. 

Somehow despite the glaring fact that Azan 1)had no authority to authorize the building of the shops or  2) his constituency office collected and pocketed the fees collected from rental of the shops no criminal charges has been filed by the DPP. The major tenet of the argument for no criminal charges against Azan I heard is that the monies have been returned. By that logic every robber , simply has to return whatever property he/she steals and no harm no foul. Not to be outdone the Prime Minister reappointed Richard Azan to his former position.  Azan’s reinstatement follows a ruling by Paula Llewellyn, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), in September that no criminal charges be laid against him in the Spalding Market issue.

Well what do you know, same old politics as usual in Jamaica, you scratch my back I scratch yours, some people are simply above the law. Kern Spencer ripped off the money he and his acolyte collected from the Cuban Light-Bulb project and years later there is no resolution in that case which is languishing in the bull-shit courts. Richard Azan does not even get charged despite clearly keeping the money he collected. What the hell does it matter if he made restitution? The offence was already committed, and in a in your face F***- you move the incompetent  charlatan in Jamaica house stuck it to the country by reinstating him to cabinet office. Jamaica has had some corrupt leaders, Portia is the worst.

INDECOM to harass cops doing their duties , risking their lives for pennies. The Contractor General recommends criminal charges for Azan he gets a cabinet post instead.

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  1. Mike, the PM is not a leader she is being lead . Azan is very influential in the party therefore his reassignment came as no surprise . The PM is using her political capital to take the risk to put this inept corrupt official back in office, hoping that little or no uproar would emanate from the people. The wind of changing is coming and the PM will not see it before its too late . Who is next Kern Spencer , I wouldn’t be surprised , the kleptomaniac should be in prison .

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