When groups of armed men, sometimes scores, and in unconfirmed cases hundreds,  can amass toward a common cause, as was the case in Tivoli Gardens in 2010, or in Gravel Heights and many other instances, in Saint Catherine, St. James, Clarendon, and other Parishes, do you still believe it’s just crime?

Do you still say “Jamaica nice” or does Jamaica have serious problems which needs addressing now and with all seriousness?
What is to stop them from taking out whomever they chose to?
Ask yourselves these questions, even as you criticize us for airing the dirty laundry in public!!!
Who is safe, is the Prime Minister really safe? Is anyone safe?
If these Mercenaries really want to get someone what’s to stop them?
It took a mass build-up of troops and police and help from the United States to dislodge Coke.

Burnt out homes:(courtesyjamaicaobserver)
So ask yourselves this, if these heavily armed demons wants to do anything what’s to stop them?
You may dislodge them later.
But the damage will have already be done.
This is serious business, we all must put pressure on the Administration in power in Jamaica to take steps right away to remove this existential threat from the country immediately.

Leroy Robinson murdered trying to save his neighbor after terrorists set her house on fire:
This is not politics, it’s reality, your attention to this will speak volumes, it’s not about jokes and bull, this is serious, people are dying , young girls are being raped and forced into prostitution, homes are being torched, sometimes several at a time.
We simply cannot pretend any longer.

While these acts of domestic terrorism are happening the state charged several policemen with murder on the demand of Carolyn Gomes of Jamaicans for Justice, (JFJ) local criminal rights lobby.

The case against the police officers as outlined in the Gleaners Story, may have bordered on recklessness, but murder? It is alleged that a robbery occurred in Portmore Saint  Catherine and the robbers were tailed to a Kingston location where they were engaged by police and a young woman was killed and several other people injured.

There is no indication  whose bullet hit who , of course Carolyn Gomes  has demanded the officers be charged with Murder.  Terrence Williams INDECOM boss, drunk with power and demanding more power, obviously hot under the collar that the cops were not charged immediately after he submitted the file to the DPP, just this week went to the media demanding more powers so he may prosecute police officers.

Acquiescing to the howls for blood, the DPP has charged the officers with murder, I am not fully conversant with the facts of the case so I will withhold comments on the case itself. Sufficing to say, there is law in Jamaica that gives the DPP the power to charge a police officer with a crime, in order to quell public disquiet, even though there may not be evidence to support the charge.

Many police officers do not know this, yet when officers are exonerated people scream cover-up, because they do not know there was no evidence to begin with. Yet cops spend all their income, are ruined financially, and carrear-wise, for doing what they were sworn to do.

Murder is a the unlawful killing of a human being by another human being with malice aforethought.

I am wondering how they charged murder, where is the malice, implied or expressed in this case? I will be watching , you should too.