It wasn’t so long ago that a Gorilla nicknamed Harambe was  out of necessity killed to save a little Ohio boy who slipped away from it’s mother and fell into the moat which formed part of the Gorilla’s sanctuary.
Media reporting on the incident said the child’s mother was contending with other children when the little boy went through partitions and eventually fell into the moat where he was snatched and dragged around violently by the Gorilla for almost 10 minutes before authorities were forced to take the necessary actions to save the young child’s life.
Out of that incident hundreds of thousands of people across the country signed petitions and rose up  in self righteous indignation , demanding that charges be proffered against the mother of the child. The general tone of their anger was that the endangered primate should not have been killed to save the child.
As a lover of animals I was stunned at the blatant hypocrisy . These primates are endangered because of  white people who believe they have a right to kill whatever and whomever without restraint now they have the nerve to decide when one may be killed to save human life.

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One of he problems I had with those calls was that the outrage did not seem to bear a single iota of concern for what the mother of the little boy must have gone through while her child was seconds from death in the custody of the wild beast.
As a parent who lost a child I can imagine the absolute horror of that mother, not knowing whether she would ever get to touch her son alive again.
The calls prompted police authorities to commence Investigations and forward their findings to  prosecutors who correctly said  he was frankly offended at the attempts to equate the life of an animal with that of a human being. The prosecutor found no evidence of wrongdoing or negligence on the part of the mother. No charges were filed against her .
Not a single one of the persons calling for her arrest empathized with her ordeal or how close she came to losing her child .

The Hypocrisy Of The Harambe Objectors…

Did I mention that the mother was black ?

Fast forward to Tuesday June 14th around 9.00 pm  a two-year-old baby (2) was wading in the shallow water close to theo edge f the Seven Seas lagoon at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spain Orland Florida.  when an Alligator estimated to be between 4-7 feet dragged the infant under water. The child has not been seen since. Authorities said that the child is part of a family of five which arrived there on Sunday from Nebraska.
Thus far we have heard not one single solitary word of condemnation for the mother of this child . Not a single comment about police investigations and potential jailing the mother for negligence.
We have heard no word on how many Alligators have been abused or possibly killed as they try to determine which gator may have dragged the child under.
Where are the cries and outrage from the phalanx of sanctimonious hypocrites ? What is the difference with this case.

Since no one is asking questions I will…..
Where was the mother, or whomever was supposed to be attending to the two-year-old baby?
Why was a baby wading in water out of arms reach of an adult and worse at 9.00 clock at night ?
If ever there was a case of negligence this seem to be it. The age of this infant is half that of the child which fell into the Gorilla enclave. Why is there a different standard for the black mother than the white caregivers of this child?
The younger the child the greater the level of hands on care is required.
So far there has been total radio silence , so while I am listening , I wish to bring to the fore that though there probably will never be any outcry. And though what we will most definitely see is a Over-dramatized outpouring of grief for that family’s loss we have already made our determination that those who cried for Harambe were fraudulent racist hypocrites.
We knew would be exposed in short order!


Since I wrote this story authorities have reported that the body of the child have been found in about 6 feet of water. They reported that this was made possible through the use of sonar technology.
They have also reported that at least 5 Alligators were pulled from the lagoon and they have taken steps to try to figure out which one was responsible for pulling the child underwater.
Your guess is as good as mine as to the methods used.