Without taking sides in the public sector wage debate occurring in Jamaica, and understanding full well how any increase given to workers is gobbled up by inflation, I would like to ask this question.
Given the same IMF loan stipulations to Jamaica as years ago when the previous Government issued an across the board public sector wage freeze, why is it that 6% is so insulting?
Look, the wage demands of public sector workers are just and fair nevertheless present demands must be balanced against the constraints of the Government’s ability to pay.
They should also be approached with the same degree of deference given to the previous Government, considering that it unilaterally imposed an across the board wage freeze.
Public sector workers should approach their wage negotiations with the very same degree of professionalism and realism regardless of who occupies Jamaica House.
The cause is just the fight is long but there comes a time when reality must guide our decisions.

One thought on “Public Sector Wage Demands Fair But….

  1. When speaking or writing about fairness we need to get our facts. When was the last time, if ever, was civil servant’s salary ever increased to 3% & 3% with allowances & fringe benefits being taken away. What is fair about that? How is civil servants being unprofessional? Why don’t we speak about the about of persons parliamentarians have on their pay role. How much government advisors does the PM have? Why mot reduce it to minus one? Why don’t they the parliamentarians don’t reduce or remove their allowances & fringed benifits? Why don’t we see to retain our workers in the health sector and not get foreigners who is being paid more and do less work?

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