Days ago we asked that you the citizens help the police to find this killer who summarily and callously murdered Lincoln Graham a hard working security Officer as he did his job at a commercial entity in Portmore Saint Catherine.

We do not yet know all the facts but we are reliably informed that this piece of garbage has been apprehended by the police and is in custody.

The information we have so far indicates that he was captured in the Old Harbor Bay section of the Parish.
As more information becomes available we will update this post.
In the meantime, we salute the police for moving with haste to capture this real danger to the society.

Unfortunately, for the family of the decedent, Mister Graham, justice is not guaranteed as this piece of garbage will be in the system and the liberal system which favors his kind will do all in its power to ensure that he does not face justice.

This is the reason I personally advocate for a different brand of justice for these killers when we have no doubt that they did what they are accused of doing and we know that the system is dead set on working on their behalf.
Nevertheless, we thank all who worked to make this arrest possible.