We have just received word that Police Commissioner George Quallo has been fired.

Commissioner of Police George Quallo (file photo)

The (POA) Police Officers Association recently blasted national security minister Robert Montague for meddling in the running of the force and vowed to accompany Commissioner Quallo to a meeting scheduled today between the Commissioner and the Minister.

Word is that it was at that meeting that the Commissioner was fired.
Sources confirmed the Commissioner was told he has to go but for the moment is still on the job.
The Government faced with mounting murder statistics seemingly is looking for a scapegoat and the commissioner of police is an ideal target.
More to come……

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  1. Jamaica lack disciplin and manners lack justis lack the fear of god that is the first we lack fearing god too much dirtyness and greed and lust after money too much loop holes every thing needs tightening up

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