One cannot fix what one does not understand to be a problem. Jamaica’s  People’s National Party as a party  never fully understood the concept of free market . They  built  their party on populism and the charisma of their leaders.

The problem with the People’s National Party is not that they do not mean well, it’s not that they do not care, the problem is the methodologies they employ in their stated quest to improve the lives of Jamaicans actually has kept the poorest people enslaved in their own poverty. I was not around at the time of Norman Manley , but my curiosity about history has revealed the true nature of Manley’s contribution to Jamaica and the populism he used to deliver said benefits. Norman Manley’s popularity and populism and that of his son Michael gave birth to an almost cult-like genre of the Jamaican population that persists to this day despite the PNP’s short-comings, and corruption over the last three decades. One could reasonably argue that the cult-like loyalty the mostly poorer underclass have for the PNP , something the Jamaica Labor Party can only dream of , is anchored  largely in their inability to understand that real change in their lives will come only through hard-work, sacrifice, and national pride.  National pride by the way does not mean wearing communist red, saluting with clenched fist, or from those who run around calling each other comrade but has never read a line of Lenin or Marx’s philosophy. Today.Today despite the fall of the Berlin Wall resulting in the reunification of an impoverished communist East Germany with a thriving West Germany over two decades later, the breakup of the former Soviet empire,  and the death of communism as an organ of  empowerment, the PNP is still stuck advocating the same regressive communal policies that caused those occurrences in these larger geographic locations in the first place, policies they have since discarded and are now racing to catch up with the rest of the industrialized world which opted for free market policy, trusting in the ingenuity of their people to drive growth and development through their God-given talents.


The People’s National Party President Portia Simpson Miller recently chided  Prime Minister Andrew Holness for stating that Government really cannot be the prime creator of jobs.This criticism ought to have been a warning to an informed populace that this person may mean well but lacks a basic understanding of what really is required to change the dynamics in the country , which will in turn affect their lives in a positive way. Alas Jamaica does not have an informed population, what we have is a deeply dived people who bleed red/orange or green when they are cut. Government’s job is to provide a safe environment, that includes adequate infrastructure which in turn gives people a chance to get the education they need in the field of their choice to better their lives. How can government which does  earn revenue largely through taxation be the engine that drives sustainable job creation or growth? Unfortunately the PNP is still enshrined in the socialist/communist  dogma that is embraced by only North Korea , even Cuba is looking to move to a market economy. Portia talks about China , bragging that the PNP embraced China when it was not popular to do so , well the truth of the matter is that the PNP did not embrace China for it’s now diversified capitalist economic push , they embraced China on ideological grounds . Holness missed an opportunity to drive this fact home, chalk that up to his youth. In the 21st century the PNP is still referring to themselves as comrades, that train has long left the station the only ones who hasn’t realized this is them.

As I have alluded to in these blogs time and again when asked what her priority would be if elected Prime Minister Miller stated that she would endeavor to collect mangoes that we cannot eat,process them,eat what we can and share the remainder with the rest of the world . a supporter of Miller famously stated in a blog that Miller is respected and loved all around the world . I thought about that claim as I reminded myself that in the same way countries do not share friendships they share common interests, women laud each other compliment each other,celebrate each other, praise each other, claim to support each other for no other reason but that they are women. On the world stage political leaders tolerate each other. In an apparent open mike foul up recently at a gathering of world leaders, French President Nicholas Sarkozy reportedly told President Obama he couldn’t stand Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because he was a liar, to which Obama retorted “You can’t stand him , how do you think I feel having to deal with him every day”? I am sure both gentleman warmly greeted and chatted with Mister Netanyahu earlier that day.