What would you do if you were about to, or just lost your home , business, possibly your job. What if your country was fighting two unfunded wars, one a war of choice, the  economy was on the verge of collapse, and everything about your life the way you have come to know it seemed to be a thing of the past. Then someone showed up and reversed all of that ,effectively turning all of those negatives and a plethora of others into positives. Not dramatically but slowly and methodically?

Let me put it another way:

You are driving along the road when your car is blind-sided by a drunk driver, your car is knocked off  the road and is dangling precipitously on a ledge. The drunk driver  who hit you have been driving drunk for a while, he  had done considerable damage  as a drunk driver previously,but was never held to account for his actions. However along comes the first responders, they begin the meticulous task of methodically securing your precipitously perched car , with you dangling upside down on the inside, they secure your car before beginning the arduous task of pulling you back from harm’s way. They have to be careful not to do anything rash, which would lead to catastrophic consequences, so they set to work painstakingly pulling your car up from what for you, otherwise would be sudden and imminent death.

But the drunk-driver saunters over and begins a tirade of attack against the first responders who are working to pull you to safety, demanding instead that he be given the task of pulling you back from the brink, he runs around in his delusional drunken stupor , berating the guys pulling you out, for not doing the job quickly enough, while taking  swigs from the half empty bottle of liquor clutched in his bloody grip.

You still do not understand ? Well what do you know ,you are indeed the reason this election is close, you are uninformed, vulnerable and the reason  Mitt Romney is running neck and neck with the president and potentially could win this election.

Many brilliant and superbly educated people argue that the American people are really smart in choosing their leaders. Disagreeing with them is a little above my pay grade, but if some elected officials are anything to go by, I humbly beg to differ.

I saw a poll of people living in other countries and their preference for who they would like to see as president of the United States, Barack Obama won by wide margins except in Pakistan. I imagine that they are still smarting from Obama taking out Osama Bin Laden in their country without first consulting them. Of course I can well imagine what the pompous right who believe that the United States is the world would say to that little unimportant poll, who really cares what the rest of the world think we are the Americans , we are exceptional, no one else matters.

The fact of the matter is that all inhabitants  of this planet are interconnected, we depend on each other for survival, and whether the pompous blowhards on the right like it or not, the world’s perception of the American President is significant  as it relates to war and peace.

So the American people must ask themselves these questions.

Do I believe in voter suppression?

Do I believe in Racism?

Do I believe in racist robo calls?

D0 I believe in birthetrism?

Do I believe in a candidate who ran a campaign based on total lies?

Do I want a candidate of Mitt Romney’s caliber to be the President of the United States?

Do I want a president who has no value set?

Do I want a president who stands for nothing, a president who is unable to stand against the most despicable racist demagogues in his own party?

Do I want a president who aligns himself with those who train people to disrupt voting under the pretext of protecting the integrity of the vote?

Do I want a president whose campaign is training 34 Thousand so-called poll watchers (Project Orca) with the view to disrupting the polls.

I have opined repeatedly that in all my years on this planet I have never seen a candidate for president of the caliber of Mitt Romney. This guy has zero character , in actuality he is the lowest and the worst candidate imaginable that could be fielded for the presidency on behalf of the Republican Party.

Neo-con nut case and former republican candidate for president Rick Santorum, famously stated that Romney was the absolute worst candidate their party could put up against Barack Obama. Context is important but Santorum’s words should be a warning to each and every voter who enters a voting booth this election. Mitt Romney is a rapacious plutocrat driven by raw greed and ambition, he is motivated by money and is available to the highest bidder, in the great scheme of things, this guy is dangerous and should not be allowed anywhere near presidential power.

America which saw itself  facing economic collapse a mere three years ago, will have a long time to think of the consequence of voting for this mindless Trojan Horse.

 Michael Bloomberg endorses Obama:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who has said that Obama is arrogant, has now jumped on the Obama band-wagon throwing his support to the president. I’m unsure whether this has any value to the president, who was going to win at least 4 of the 5 boroughs of new York City anyway, not sure of Staten Island. Bloomberg obviously see the writing on the wall and now wants to get on board. Ever the tactician he sees some benefit in endorsing the president at this time , this despite what he writes in the Wall Street Journal, is about Michael Bloomberg rather that about the president or the American people.

Ever the cynic I must ask. ” Was the effusive and lavish praise Chris Christie bestowed on the president purely from the heart, or has Christie seen the writing on the wall, is Christie looking past the November 6th election and a second Obama term to an open field and a possible Chris Christie Candidacy, Romney be damned ?

Just asking !