The killing of Retired Senior Superintendent of Police Anthony Hewitt once again brings to the fore the critical nature of Jamaica’s crime cancer.

:I served under Anthony Hewitt when he was the officer in charge of crime at the Police Area five, Head-Quartered at Constant Spring. Tony Hewitt as he was referred to by all, was then a Deputy Superintendent of Police. I did not get day-to-day instructions or guidance from Mister Hewitt, but we were pretty much all extremely comfortable with such a competent Senior Officer at the head of the (CIB) Criminal Investigation Branch.

 :Tony Hewitt

We did not agree all of the time,  one thing was certain though, I respected the hell out of Tony Hewitt.  Hewitt exemplified himself as a Cop  who did a lot of heavy lifting before my time. I respected that and he respected Cops like myself who endeavored to continue to uphold the law regardless of the offender.  He reciprocated that respect to me as a young Detective who took the job seriously and did it to the best of  my abilities.

I remember Tony Hewitt calling me into his little office in a wooden structure that once housed the Superintendent Office, he was intrigued that I was able to get good intelligence from the streets, something he prided himself in and built a carrear on.

Mister Hewitt told me consequently” come to my office at the start of every month and I will give you something to keep your informants happy”.

:Every month after that Mister Hewitt would hand me an envelope with Twenty Dollars, this was called (impress) a small government allocation to detectives to cultivate and maintain sources of information.

Senior Superintendent Hewitt went on to work for the Firearm licencing Authority . Tony Hewitt would have been a standout at that Agency as he had been through his long and distinguished carrear in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

As we await the outcome of the investigations, I implore  the  Security Forces to  bring swift justice to the despicable scum/s who so callously ended his life.

Those who knew Tony Hewitt either loved or hated him, Those committed to a life of crime would hate him, one thing was certain he was a man of the people, men and women alike came to see him at his office , many came to see him from far and near, Tony Hewitt showed that a Cops do not have to have Doctorates to be efficient or productive.

No other Cop in Jamaica has been more effective.

Rest in peace mister Hewitt.