An innovative African-American woman Jackie Carter, supposedly aghast at the Minnesota police murder of Philando Castile in 2016 has created a transparent paper receptacle pouch called the (not reaching) pouch.
The idea that a civilian would have to create something that she hopes would prevent traffic stop deaths is horrifying.
Police of their own volition decide to stop members of the motoring public, therefore the police should not be in the business of endangering the lives of citizens when they make that decision to constrict people’s movement.
Only in situations in which a stopped motorist threatens the life of a cop, should lethal force become an issue. As a former police officer, I am horrified to see what is passing for the reasonable killing of our fellow human beings by the police who people believe is there to protect them.
Philando Castile a hard-working Minnesota man worked at a school district in his state and was legally registered to carry a gun.
On the day that trigger-happy cop Jeronimo Yanez pulled him over and asked to see his ID mister, Castille had his fiance Diamond Reynolds, and her 4-year-old  daughter with him in the car.

Jeronimo Yanez

None of that was enough to save his life even though he clearly told the cop pointing a gun on him that he wasn’t reaching for the weapon but was trying to give him the documents he demanded.that he was getting the documents he demanded to see.
Yanez said he though Castile was reaching for a gun. He later said in court, “had no choice,” and that he “thought he was going to die.” But Castile pleaded before his death that he “wasn’t reaching.”

Philando Castile kiled by a cop who pulled him over for an alleged broken tail-light….

Yanez unloaded a barrage of bullets into Castille as he tried to get his identification.
In creating the pouch, the innovative Jackie Carter said “I’m more fearful [for my son] in a car here than [when he’s serving] in Afghanistan,” Carter told NBC BLK. Ms. Carter is the mother of a 30-year-old son.
Philando Castille was 32-years-old when he was gunned down by a frightened little boy who wore a police officer’s uniform but was no more deserving of that uniform that a five-year-old little boy.

Unfortunately, the pouch created by Ms. Carter will not change anything but if it saves one life it will all be worth it.
Philando Castile was with his family in his car, he told the cop he was a licensed carrier of a weapon.
At the time Jeronimo Yanez opened fire on him he was still strapped in his seatbelt and had made no move to unbuckle it.
Yanez’s partner and former schoolmate Joseph Kauser was on the other side of the car and did not even see the need to unholster his service weapon. Yet Jeronimo Yanez fired four bullets into Mister Castile’s seat-belt strapped body killing him on the spot.
Anyone trained in policing knows that the position of Yanez to Mister Castile meant that in order for Castile to have posed a threat to him he would have to pull a weapon and then turn to his left aim the weapon and hope to hit Yanez who was not in the line of sight.
Philando Castile would also have to do so with Yanez’s partner on the other side with a clear shot at him still strapped in the car.
What man opens fire on a cop while his wife and kid are in the car? Yet a St Paul jury acquitted Yanez who told the court he thought he was in danger of dying. The damage was done even before Yanez went to trial as local papers literally painted him a choirboy.
Despite Mister Castile’s demise, Jeronimo Yanez walked out of court a free man.
To add insult to injury the city of Saint Anthony, in a separation agreement gave Yanez $48,500 for agreeing to leave the department.
So after killing mister Castile he was acquitted and paid with the resident’s tax dollars for the murder.

Philando Castile lost his life because there is not enough value on Black lives. I would bet my last dollar that Jeronimo Yanez, a Hispanic cop would never fire his weapon in a car in which there was a white family.
In fact, Jeronimo Yanez would absolutely not fire his weapon into an automobile in which a Hispanic/Latino family were the occupants.
The shocking yet inescapable truth is that law enforcement in America does not value African-American people enough to speak to them respectfully, not escalate situations much less respect our lives.
And so even as I recognize the good heart and the thought process of Ms. Carter in creating this product, I doubt it will help much.
The gun has become a weapon of choice for police when they interact with Black citizens.
Police are not peace officers in the black community, they are enforcers, there to keep the community in its place.