How does a Political Party ignore demographic trends and stay relevant? I’m asking you, because the truth is I don’t have a clue. As the world slowly pulls itself from a long and protracted recession, the biggest problem to America’s re-emergence to its place atop the heap, as the world’s  dominant economic powerhouse, is  the Republican Party.  It is interesting that at this time in our history the Republican Party is practically eating itself. Parties win and lose elections but it seem that having endured 4 years of Obama, derangement syndrome has set into the DNA of Republicans. My grand parents taught me never to hate anyone. They told me if you spend your life trying to hold someone down you cannot soar as you normally would. A Jailer keeping others incarcerated is himself incarcerated.  I can’t say that I learned the lesson of not hating anyone, I’m still working on myself , I’m not there yet. There are a few people who evoke very strong negative reactions in me when their names come up.

My point is that Republicans from top to bottom have demonstrated such hatred for our President that it does seem that they are quite content to wreck the country and their party in the process.  If anything I’ve learned from that lesson of hatred, is that when you hate it seem to propel the subject of your hatred to bigger things, higher heights. President Obama argued sometime ago that Republicans would propose legislation, he laments “I say yes I agree with this” and they say,”oh you agree, then we are against it”  they would simply back away from their own legislation because he agrees with it. This is lunacy of the highest order, it is ,madness born out of deep-seated racism. make no mistake, when the old curmudgeon from Kentucky Mitch McConnell said his number one priority was to make Obama a one-term president it wasn’t out of anything but racial hatred. When they selected Michael Steel to head the Republican National Committee that was racial calculation to take down the first black president.


When Sarah Palin the ignoramus from Alaska was unleashed on us by a reckless and cynical John McCain, the rancid bile which intruded on our space, and corroded our beings, the stench of which remains today, it was racism. When Joe Wilson the South Carolina Congress-man shouted “you lie as the President gave the State of the Union, it was racism When low-class Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer wagged her scraggly fingers in the face of the President on that Tarmac in unprecedented poor taste, it was racism. The emergence of the Tea-Party was racism. The emergence of the most vile despicable low-lives on our national consciousness, Trump, Sununu, Beck , Hannity, Fox News, it’s racism. Four years of  Republican intransigence in the House and Senate for absolutely no reason is racism. I could write a book on this subject alone but I will stop here,those interested may go back and read and decide for themselves. The Republican Party which lost two presidential elections in a row have decided that to hell with the wishes of the people, they are going to stick to their guns and obstruct everything that the president proposes aimed at helping the middle class and the poor. It has become clear that they are willing to spite the president at any cost, they are determined to stand in the way of the president’s agenda through the upcoming Sequestration. This will affect. . Less Air Traffic controllers,so longer lines at airports , greater delays and potentially serious risks to the travelling public. . Less meat inspectors, potentially putting the public at risk for food borne diseases.

. FBI and other Federal Agents furloughed including Border Agents, National Security impacted.

. Prosecutors having to let criminals walk for want of prosecution.

. Military readiness impacted.

. Meals for the sick and indigent reduced or eliminated.

. First Responders, laid off or see their hours cut, the list goes on and on.

The strategy  for Republicans was to make Barack Obama a one term President, (a la), Mitch McConnell and others, when that did not work ,the strategy shifted to one of absolute obstruction, thereby creating a continuum of  crises. These are the series of artificial crises we have been witnessing , from the debt ceiling debate which saw America’s credit rating downgraded for the first time in history to the present sequestration debate.

This ought to convince everyone that these are self-inflicted wounds designed to create uncertainty, which will have the country lurching as if it is leaderless, then they may pick up the pieces in 2014. Make no mistake, these people are not fools, they certainly don’t give a rats ass about country. They are master connivers and of course they have an entire network dedicated to the dumbing-down of that sector of the population which would like to go back to the days of slavery. The problem with that is that the mindless turds at FOX News and those listening to the other cretins on talk radio are not the only ones being affected by these reckless actions. Clearly this party is totally populated with deranged lunatics, how can any political party be against everything that is in the interest of the very people they say they represent? Simply put, Republicans are sabotaging their own Government and country to spite Barack Obama. The Speaker of the House John Boehner may not be a racist like some of the more deranged nuts, but he does not want to lose his speaker-ship. John Boehner is incapable of handling the caucus he has been dealt, this does not absolve him of culpability as some are quick to suggest he should be. Boehner did not come from riches or plenty, surely he understands the plight of the poor, he understands the challenges of the working man and woman, who gets up day in day out trying to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.

Tragically Boehner like Marco Rubio, has decided that they are over the wall, so they should now pull up the ladder and prevent anyone else from climbing up. It is a tragic flaw in a man’s character, which makes him comfortable once he’s reached a certain plateau to denounce and disenfranchise others not as fortunate. Nowhere is this flaw more obvious than in Florida’s rookie United States Senator Marco Rubio, had it not been for the benevolence of this great nation he most assuredly would be born in Cuba if at all, no one would know or care about a Cuban named Marco Rubio, yet on the singular most germane issue of immigration, Rubio is to the right of many Republicans. Watching Rachel Maddow , one of the best cable commentators,as it relates to the presentation of facts in my opinion last night, I was stunned to learn that Government has shrunk drastically under President Obama. There has been recessions under Reagan, Bush 42nd, Clinton, Bush 43rd, and now under Obama, the recessions Obama inherited has been arguably more severe than those under each of his predecessors. During all of those recessions Government hiring was crucial to pulling the country out of the hole. This more severe recession Obama inherited, has seen massive public sector lay-offs at every level of Government, further complicating and lengthening this recovery. So what that means is the labels of Communists, Marxists, Socialist that have been attached to Obama, are really not tethered to any factual reasoning but more so because of Obama’s color. Barack Obama cannot come out and say it is because of his race, why this level of obstruction and disrespect is being hurled his way. He cannot say that it is as a result of race why the Republican Congress, Jan Brewer, John Sununu, Joe Wilson, and the other imbeciles are so dead set against him. Nah, there would be too many howls of condemnation arguing that he got elected twice in America. What they will not never tell you, is that in most red States Obama lost the white vote by 80 to 90 percentage points. By the way that’s racism.