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John Boehner                                                                                Ted Cruz

The Republican Party was hijacked by the South after Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into Law. Richard Nixon and Ronald  Reagan capitalized on the racial animus of whites to win later elections. The Bushes were beneficiaries of that animus despite not overly playing to racial fears with the exception of the elder Bush’s use of the Willie Horton Ad. The Ad  portrayed Michael Dukakis as a weak criminal-coddling Massachusetts liberal on whose watch Willie Horton a convicted murder received a weekend furlough. Horton did not return  but went to Maryland where he committed multiple rapes and assault before he was re-arrested and convicted. Democratic Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis was the governor of Massachusetts at the time of Horton’s release, and while he did not start the furlough program, he had supported it as a method of criminal rehabilitation. The Republican Party is now a reactionary , fundamentalist,Confederate Party. What we are witnessing is it’s coming apart at the seams because a black family is occupying the White House. They are not even pretending to care about what they say or do anymore.

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Racism has reduced the Republican party to a spectacle worthy of ridicule. Obama-hatred has made them look bad even to some of their own. When ideologues like Long Island’s Peter King begin to question the sanity of Republican actions, you know the wagon wheels have started to come off.  Don’t believe for one moment that the relevance of the Republican Party will wane anytime soon. They have massive grass-roots Organizations ginning up even more hatred and lies about Blacks , Immigrants, Entitlements, Government, Science, the EPA, and everything else they hate. Their supporters are not exactly far removed from the flat earth society, recent polls revealed many Republicans believe the Affordable Care Act is better than Obama Care.  Republican voters who have no health Insurance, vote and demonstrate against the affordable care act at the behest of their political representatives who themselves have great health plans, paid for and provided by the Government. Many excoriate Government yet they live off Social Security and Medicare. Even as they hate Government , they do anything to get and stay elected. I wonder who make up  the Government?

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One can arguably understand their hatred for the first black president and his family, they are low-lives. What is mind blowing is the reckless care-free abandon with which they treat the American workers . They callously shut the Government down sending tens of thousands of workers home on furlough gleefully proclaiming that they are winning ! Winning that’s what it’s all about ?Never mind the consequences of a Government shutdown to average Americans and the harm being done to the economy ! They are quite happy to go out and create photo-ops and lie to ill-informed people that the president and senate majority leader shut the Government down. Here’s a bit of advice to progressives, stop saying John Boehner is to be pitied. John Boehner is a coward, he is a poor leader who has cowered out of fear of Tea Party confederates,  fearing the loss of his speaker-ship , even as he takes actions which threatens his country. Any man who puts his position over the good of his country does not deserve respect or empathy. In my book John Boehner is a wimp and a damn coward.