Two days ago I wrote an article in which I dealt with the issue of people who have time to critique and criticize the work of others while not paying attention to their own jobs. The subject of that article was the head of the new Investigative oversight agency, the independent commission of investigations, or INDECOM)for short.
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Terrence Williams:

I believe commissioner Terrence Williams would be far more effective in his duties, were he to desist from making inflammatory statements against the police force. He would gain greater cooperation from (the police) which would make his job much easier. Williams has gone out of his way to seaperate himself, and his office from the police department, through reckless and careless utterances and associations. I wonder how long the criminal elements will continue to make that distinction.

Williams would potentially garner greater support ,were he to use whatever investigative and management skills he has building bridges, rather than be running around with anti-police group JFJ, making unsavory comments against the police department. He could do himself and the office he holds a greater service, were he to have more professional tact in what he says.

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Criminal Rights Advocate Carolyn Gomes:

He could do the office he holds greater service, if he spends less time in front of cameras begging for more power. Terrence Williams is about Terrence Williams, clearly he has garnered the skills of police bashing, a key component to success in Jamaica.

Many police officers who have spent time on the front-lines fighting Jamaica’s urban terrorists have a different view about crime. This is true of even other police men/women whom have served for decades. Make no mistake about it Jamaica’s homicide numbers are demonstrably higher than even nations with active civil wars.

There are many people who get behind computer key-boards and extol the virtues of Jamaica, pointing to what they believe is the niceness of Jamaica. Without taking anything away from these Utopians, I don’t share your views, of course Jamaica is a nice place, no question, but some of the  people ? That’s another matter .

Yea, yea , yea , I know there are good and bad everywhere I have heard that spiel a thousand times, today I am talking about Jamaica. Please do not bother me with your statements about Jamaica’s virtuosity, you may chose to ignore the problems, under a fog of white rum and jerk pork and denial, my criticism defines patriotism.

While I’m on the subject of patriotism, there are some of you supposed-Jamaicans, some of you live abroad, some of you live in Jamaica, you have a habit of acting like you are more Jamaican than others whose world-view differs from yours. I wish some of you would come to me with that nonsense, as if you know what it is to sacrifice for country.

I’m good now, glad I got that off my chest, so back to the subject Terrence Williams. Having spoken to many police officers at various levels of the JCF, I heard the same refrain, “we have no problem with pressure groups” pressure group being those responsible for oversight, and even those that outwardly support criminals like JFJ.

What they have a problem with is Williams making inflammatory and counter-productive statements aimed at bolstering and enhancing his own profile. Williams was back in front of a bank of cameras yesterday in a press conference he called at , you guessed it, INDECOM headquarters to bemoan the fact that members of his so-called investigative team came under intense and sustained gunfire on Red Hills Road, which prevented them from doing their duties.


Williams was speaking during an emergency press conference held at INDECOM’s headquarters yesterday in response to the incident. He appealed for all persons to “show good sense”.”When you are angered by these shootings, we are there to investigate and to ensure that as much as possible, the truth comes out,” he said. “It is not helped when you prevent us from doing so by blocking the roads or [employing] other hostile actions.”Williams noted such incidents were rare, but said this was the second time in two months INDECOM members had ended up in hostile situations.

I wonder where would the country be, were police officers to run back to 103-105 Old Hope Road and call press conferences so they may cry like little bitches every time someone fired at them? You see it’s easy to make statements from air-conditioned offices, or from a hotel lounge during cocktail hour. Policing Jamaica’s streets is a different matter. That is where the rubber meets the road. To date, almost a dozen brave police officers have been gunned down yet the police department have not called a single press conference to whine and bitch.

News to Williams, you want to be an investigator, if you can’t take the heat get the hell out of the kitchen. Frankly I believe the people firing were really poor shots. Police officers face that hostility everyday, yet Williams never miss an opportunity to offer grandiose opinions, orders and advice, as if he knows something about policing the streets.

Much more to come fasten your seat belt Terrence Williams, charlatans will have to run away. Pretty soon the forces of evil will make no distinction between you and the JCF .


3 thoughts on “Reality Check For A Grand-stander:

  1. What is employing hostile action. Is he afraid to say they were shooting at him ,he is quick to bash the police. He did not condem the thugs who shot at him instead he is asking for good sense “can u imagine if the police shot at him ,

    1. These people are modern day Pharisees,these thugs are pretenders they can’t shoot. “employing hostile action”, it’s laughable, I guess it’s uptown lingo ,stupid morons.!!

  2. It is a pity, that one of these so-called anti-police (INDECOM) investigators were shot and killed! I make no apologies for my statement. Next time, I pray to God that Mr. Williams or one of his investigators are shot and killed. Then they will know how it feels like when one of their colleagues is killed by these parasites. Did this fool or his team report a crime against the gunmen? It’s a pity, these gunmen cannot shoot well. Now, he is out asking for “sympathy and cooperation” from criminals!!! This is laughable.
    As a Jamaican from the Kingston 12 area (Jones Town), and a former Detective of the JCF, police is always the enemy of the poor in Jamaica, and those who claimed to fame, they did this by trying to gain support from these folks. I can your readers this, they’re so wrong because these folks have no rules that they abide by, whatever works for them and their cronies. They are good at managing the message and the propaganda war! In Jamaica the best way to propel or inflate your profile nationally is to demonize the police on a daily basis. Most Jamaicans are “indiscipline, unethical, and immoral” they lacks the normal traits that decent citizens of other countries have within them. If you are a law abiding citizen in Jamaica, the only way to gain national notoriety is by giving away your money to these parasites, then they will seek you out, rob and kill you and your family. These folks cannot be tame!

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