The elevation of Donald Trump to the American presidency has demonstrated just how quickly the established norms we have come to take for granted can disappear.

President Obama, a man truly conversant of the weight he carried as the first minority president comported himself with immaculate fidelity and class. Additionally, his wife Michelle and their two daughters completed the model family image many are now looking back on with great nostalgic emotionalism.

President Obama wore this tan suit for which he was raked over the coals, fortunately for America, if this was a negative, it was Obama’s worst faux pas.

Barack Obama’s most grievous sin, even after two bruising campaign seasons and eight (8) years in the white house was his wearing of the now famous tan suit which Republicans cultists harangued and castigated him for with the media’s full acquiescence. You may also remember how mad the right-wing nut-jobs were? Their nonsensical arguments were that it wasn’t suitably presidential, or some cockamamie reason they came up with for hating it.

New York’s Long Island Republican Peter King was one of the most vocal critics of President Obama’s tan suit, he never had any word for this monstrosity.

Obama’s sartorial departure from the ho-hum of the traditional blue suit was all it took to get the ignorant racist right all ginned up. True to form, the racist right never bothered to read up on history(not that it matters what color suit someone wears, it’s their own damn business).
They group-think and are prone to following the ignorantly agenda-driven fringe elements, like [rats behind the pied piper of Hamlin].

9/4/1981 President Reagan sitting at his desk in the Oval Office
Wearing a tan suit.

The truth of the matter is that other presidents had donned tanned suits before President Obama did, including Ronald Reagan the titular deity of the political right. As the nation grapples with the avalanche of maddening events today, it is important to distinguish what Republicans were hand-wringing about only three years ago.

Racist Nazis, newly empowered control the streets.

The Press is under assault, daily there are tweets from the presidency lambasting the free press. Refugees seeking Asylum are separated from their children and deported without their children. People living in the United States for decades are summarily rounded up and locked up as well as deported for minor infractions committed decades earlier.

Reporter Kaitlan Collins asked Trump about Vladimir Putin and Michael Cohen during a short meeting between Trump and Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission. Collins was serving as the “pool reporter,” meaning she was representing all the TV networks at the time. She was barred from a white house event opened to other journalists.

Members of the press are barred from press briefings for asking questions they are duty bound to ask. People of color are being gunned down in the streets by racist whites, some in police uniforms. States purge millions from voters lists without consequence, while unnecessary trade wars create panic and fear, and yes, prices are beginning to rise as a result, even as farmers begin to see the results of these reckless un-necessary policies.
As the sky seems to be falling those who did not vote for this look to Special counsel Robert Muller a (Republican) to save them, even as Trump’s collaborators in the Republican-controlled House file articles of impeachment against Rod Rosenstein for refusing to hand over evidence to them which are part of an ongoing criminal and counterintelligence investigations.

Postville-raid-aftermath-photo. Families are torn apart.

Nations which fought alongside America are now sidelined while old foes are given credence and deference. Meetings between Executives of the American Government and other nations, even hostile powers, are held in private with no documentation of what was said and it gets worse, the [regime], sorry I meant the administration now decrees it will no longer have readouts of conversations Trump has with foreign leaders.

Under normal circumstances, this would not be tolerated by the world’s oldest democracy, so whats different this time?
Whats different is a systematic and concerted assault on institutions and sensibilities so exasperating and overwhelming, that we simply tune them out.
Ladies and gentlemen that is how democracies die. “[Remember what you hear and see happening is not what is really happening”][sic].