Fifty-one forty-eight, (51-48 ) the final vote of the United States Senate led by Republicans.
The vote to elevate  Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was straight Party line with the exception of West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin voting [Yea] with the Republicans and Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski voting no.
Pivotal to the process of Kavanaugh’s ascendancy was the hope that Maine’s wishy-washy, hand-wringing  Republican Senator Susan Collins would be a potential no.

From the offset, those opposed to Kavanaugh hung their hats on two male senators. Bob Corker of Tennessee and Jeff Flake of Arizona.
Both men are staunch Conservatives who vote lockstep with their party on issue after issue, both have had a lukewarm to a frigid relationship with Donald Trump and both are not seeking re-election to the Senate.

The hopefuls were of the opinion that both men were free to stand out and stand for something, that something being with Democrats in opposition to the Kavanaugh nomination. 
Being unconstrained from not having to face the radical right-wing voters in their respective states, many were hopeful that at least one of the two men,  Jeff Flake would be a savior in what they construed to be an existential fight for the soul of the supreme court and for America.

But more than Flake and Corker, women across the nation, uneasy about the prospect of Roe V Wade with a potential Justice Kavanaugh on the highest court, looked to Murkowski and Collins, two female US Senators whom they believed were amiable or open to reason.

Throughout the tumultuous process, Susan Collins played Susan Collins to a “T” taking both sides of the issue, saying that Dr. Ford deserves to be heard while at the time saying that Brett Kavanaugh gave her certain assurances that Roe V Wade is settled law. 
The wishy-washy Maine US Senator was in her element, pretending to care about women’s issues while reveling in the idea that the eyes of the nation were on her.

Susan Collins

Senator Murkowski kept how she would vote to herself, many of her constituents flew down from Alaska to lobby their senator to vote against Brett Kavanaugh, as did many Maine voters to lobby Susan Collins.
Jeff Flake, seeming conflicted as to how to vote, voted to move the Kavanaugh nomination out of committee, on condition that there was one final one-week of investigations by the FBI regarding the allegations made by  Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

Brett Kavanaugh

But anyone with the slightest idea of the way investigations are conducted knew right away that that was a hoax.
There can be wide parameters placed around how long an investigation [may] take,  but to suggest that any meaningful followup investigation must begin and be concluded within a week is essentially perpetuating a fraud on the country.

Chris Coons, Delaware’s Democratic US Senator and friend of Jeff Flake believed every word of his friends charade when he asked for a week more so that the FBI could check out the claims of Doctor Christine Blasey Ford.
Little did Coons know that Flake’s play was nothing more than a ploy to give cover to Republicans to cut off debate and force the vote to put Kavanaugh on the court.

Jeff Flake

Flake played right into Trump and Mitch McConnell’s hands. Trump would ultimately limit the scope and reach of the Investigations while a truncated report would give leverage to Republicans who would then argue that the FBI had cleared Kavanaugh because there was nothing to Dr. Ford’s claims.
It was a terrific sleigh of hand which gave the Democrats temporary respite but a terrible heartburn in the end.

Jeff Flake may or may not have presidential ambitions but his part in that plot was masterful. He came off as a statesman who believed in process and protocol but a closer look reveals his move was a cynical ploy which ultimately gave Republicans the cover they needed to close out debate on the Kavanaugh nomination.

More women came out and accused Brett Kavanaugh of improper sexual behavior, more corroborating witnesses emerged begging the  FBI to contact them. We have a story to tell they claimed.
Unfortunately, the FBI had no interest in their truths, no interest in what they had to say.
Kavanaugh, cried, lied, and threatened Democratic senators and the nation. His temperament was a classic example of a belligerent drunk, but none of that gave Republicans pause. Instead, they doubled down on their nominee.
When the battles are being waged around a woman’s right to chose, as they surely will be, let it be remembered that Lisa Murkowski stood tall, the Republican men acted as Republican men do, Joe Manchin protected his ass over his country, Jeff Flake was true to his name and Susan Collins gave the middle finger to women.

In the end, the FBI concluded a sham investigation which did not include an interview of neither the accused or the accuser. We are told only nine people were interviewed and true to the principles of a state run by a strongman the results of the sham investigations were not made public.
In fact, Senators had very limited time to browse through the single copy of the report which was placed in a secure room in the bowels of the Senate building.

Mitch McConnell had pulled off a perfect trifecta. (1) He had blocked most of President Obama’s Federal appointments for the federal judiciary. (2) In an unprecedented move, he had blocked the ascent of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. President Obama a twice-elected President had every right to appoint a replacement for the deceased partisan Antonin Scalia and (3) McConnell had stolen the seat in which sits Neil Gorsuch, a staunch right-wing functionary appointed by Donald Trump a president who has been named as an unindicted criminal co-conspirator.

Today Saturday, October 6th is the day the United States Senate ignored the allegations of sexual misconduct against Brett Kavanaugh and voted to advance the nomination to make Brett Kavanaugh an associate justice of the Supreme Court.
Kavanaugh was sworn in as the 114th justice in the history of the court.
This day may be the day historians look back on and say this was the day we lost America.
Or not.


The consequences of this vote today will be lasting on the American society.
In the end, the FBI director, Christopher Wray will raise his hand and he will tell the Congress that a fair investigation was done by his agents, and it will be a lie.
Donald Trump has corroded literally every public body in the country.
One thing is certain, however, is the blatant dishonesty and lack of process with which the Republicans handled this nomination.
Scared of potentially losing the House and possibly the Senate they perpetuated a monumental fraud on the nation all in the name of politics and the perpetuation of white supremacy.
Country be damned.
And that may very well be the end result of this fraud.