According to sources reputed Gang leader Nico Samuels o/c Bowsa was killed in a confrontation with the security forces on Saturday in  Ironshore  St James.

No mas Bowsa

Reports are that the security forces went to a house as part of an operation and were greeted with heavy gunfire. Sources say two police officers have been shot and injured and two weapons recovered in the process.

The exchange of gunfire has been reported to have gone on for over two hours.



Nico Samuels o/c Bowsa.No  mas…


One thought on “Reputed Gangster Nico Samuels O/c Bowsa Reportedly Killed By Police..( Gruesome Pics, Inside)

  1. It’s a matter of time before these militants armed themselves in a coaster minibus like police officers and soldiers and take over Jamaica house and parliament. In the end, they’re going to execute a few of these boasie slaves.

    It is sad that members of the security forces were injured, and a pity that his cronies are not a part of the photo shoot.

    Every time one of these Jamaican parasites gets extinct, I celebrate because they’re problems to the Jamaican populace.

    Happy riddance Nici .

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