When Barack Obama took over the reins as President of the United States the Republican Party decided that the way to nullify his Presidency was to oppose everything he proposed.
This is not fantasy, this actually happened on the afternoon that the 44th President of the United States was being inaugurated Highly placed Republicans were huddled together, formulating the plan of obstruction.
Mich McConnell said his only function was to make the newly elected President a one term president.
Since then Barack Obama has been inundated with disrespect and obstruction unprecedented in the history of this Republican solely based on the color of his skin.
Since the commencement of Obama’s presidency we have seen a massive rise in the number of hate groups, and right wing white militias.
We have witnessed a massive rise in mass shootings largely by well armed white shooters.
We have see a South Carolina Congressman(Joe Wilson ) shout out you lie as the President of the United states stood in the Congress to deliver the State of the Union address.
We have seen a Supreme Court Justice (Samuel Alito ) shake his head and mouth the words “not true” as the Presidency correctly chastised the Supreme Court on it’s citizens United ruling allowing massive amounts of money into the system by rich donors.
We have seen Arizona Governor Jan Brewer wag her scrawny scraggly and withered fingers in the face of the President of the United States as he disembarked from his plane in that state.
We have seen Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and others demand that candidate Obama release his birth certificate( a practice similar to slavers demanding free black men show their papers to whomever (white) demanded to see them).
I could go on and on with the indignities this president have suffered at the hands of Republicans.I totally understand that Republicans would turn around and blame Obama for the toxic climate of anxiety, fear, and anger they have fed over the last 7 years in order to nullify Obama’s presidency .
It is incomprehensible that a black person could actually blame the President for what was done to him …
Pastor Darrell Scott speaks to the members of the media outside Trump .

Pastor Darrell Scott speaks to the members of the media outside Trump Towers...
Pastor Darrell Scott a Trump supporter speaks to the members of the media outside Trump Towers…

I have a simple question for this pastor .”Have you no shame”?