This Is Not About Rice

Adrian Paterson indicted for disciplining his own son.

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson

Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson turned himself in to Montgomery County, Texas, authorities early Saturday morning. He was booked into the Montgomery County jail at 1:06 a.m. CT and released at 1:35 a.m. CT after posting the $15,000 bond. Peterson had been indicted by a grand jury on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child and a warrant had been issued for his arrest. He flew back early Saturday morning to Minnesota, where he has been deactivated for the Vikings’ home game against the Patriots on Sunday. At a news conference on Saturday afternoon, Montgomery County first assistant district attorney Phil Grant said Peterson was charged with one count of injury to a child and could be sentenced to as many as two years in state jail, as well as a $10,000 fine. Probation is an option, Grant said, for defendants with no prior criminal record. Grant said only one grand jury reviewed Peterson’s case, refuting a report that an initial grand jury rejected the case and it took a second grand jury to indict Peterson. He said the grand jury “was provided lots of evidence over a significant number of week.

Obviously a Parent is not allowed to discipline his child. So says the Government! Never mind that Adrian Peterson was raised

Robert Muller

Robert Muller

using those same standards. Texas authorities allege the boy was spanked with a switch from a tree and marks were visible on him. I’m no expert on discipline, yet it seem ironic that the Government is in the business of telling loving parents how, when and even if, they may discipline their own children, yet cops are given a free hand to assault and even kill without consequence. If this is not tyranny , what is?

The Government hauls a caring father before the courts who takes the necessary steps to correct his own child, yet the Government refuses to hold killer cops who abuse and murder innocent civilians accountable. In fact the Government shields and protects them. Robert Muller former head of the FBI reportedly will conduct Investigations into the NFL as it regards domestic violence. If this wasn’t so insulting I would laugh. Where is Muller , where is the National outrage for the almost daily killing and assault visited on innocent people by police?  Absolute Tyranny !!!
Ray Rice is welcomed with open arms by the fans of his hometown in New Rochelle. Read more:

Ray Rice is welcomed with open arms by the fans of his hometown in New Rochelle. 

New Rochelle Welcomes Home Ray Rice.

New Rochelle welcomed home it’s native son on Saturday. Ray  turned up at his old High School with Wife Janay.Several hundred fans watched the game and many of them expressed support for Rice. Dozens of fans wore Rice’s No. 27 Ravens jersey and some held signs, including   one that read: ‘We love you Ray,’ and ‘New RO loves you.’

Rice former High School Coach had this to say. “He made a mistake in his life but New Rochelle is a very proud program, and once you’re a member, you’re a member for life,” DiRienzo said. “Even though Ray made a mistake doesn’t mean we throw him out of the house. Ray’s one of my sons in my football family and we’d never throw him out of the house.”

The maelstrom which has ensued since this incident came  fully to light has had the opposite effect on me, compared to most . The ferocity of the attacks on Ray and even Jenay Rice, tells me this has nothing to do hsrice14s-3-webwith the Rices. Every ultra-liberal feminist has crawled out from under their rock  to condemn Rice. As I wrote earlier the NFL is rolling over so that Robert Muller can conduct a top to bottom review . Where is Muller regarding the cops who beat the crap out of their wives after they finish beating the people they come in contact with?

The woefully incompetent Media is incapable of investigating Voter Suppression. Corruption in Government, and the tyrannical Police state in which people are being abused daily. They loop endless cycle of garbage reporting ,featuring every man-hating feminist they can find. In addition to the many self hating blacks who are too stupid to see through the charade.

As I said in a previous Article they don’t care about Jenay Rice their objective is to destroy their family.  The blood-lust piling on is  in furtherance of breaking the black family and replacing it with their degenerate far left feminist agenda. It is great to see Rice’s old high school football coach stand up despite the noise and embrace Ray Rice. 

There is a lot worse crap happening in America worthy of attention. Worthy of round the clock media spotlight. Worthy of top-tier investigations, yet nothing is being done. Leave Ray and Jenay Rice alone .