Michael Brown whatever else he may have been , he was an 18 year old human being

Michael Brown
whatever else he may have been , he was an 18 year old human being

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, and Valerie Bell, the mother of Sean Bell, Arrived in St  Louis Missouri on Sunday August 24th, they were there to lend support to the parents of Michael Brown.. Irrespective of where you live , if you are tuned into events there is no question of who these women are.

Fulton and Bell were among a group of family and friends who showed up for a private viewing of Brown’s body before his burial on Monday. The list of fathers and mothers who have lost their children to violence is never-ending. Those losing their children to police and vigilante killings is getting just as long.

On Monday the body of Michael Brown will be laid to rest. Just 18 years old, cut down,  gone too soon. Like Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell and countless nameless, faceless, others who met a similar demise Michael Brown will become another statistic.

We don’t know if his death will change anything. Maybe it will ,maybe it won’t. As a parent of young men, one of whom recently went home to be with the Lord , I can only imagine the pain these parents feel. Nothing will ever be the same again ,  their whole outlook on life  forever changed.

We cry with these parents, we feel their pain. No parent should have to bury their child, certainly not this way. As we struggle to come to grips with this family’s grief , we are mindful of the many issues that surround his passing. Race, black responsibility, Police violence, Black on black violence, and of course those who support the killing of the Michael Browns of America, simply because of the color of their skin. When we talk about young men being killed because of the color of their skin we do not deny they may have done something wrong. We make no judgement about  innocence or guilt. What we argue is someone of a different hue would not have received the death penalty, imposed and executed by those who appoint themselves judge ,jury and executioner.

America locked up Jeffery Dammer,  convicted of mass murder and cannibalism. She locked up Terrorists who kill thousands of our people in cowardly attacks. We do not need our people killed for selling un-taxed cigarettes, jay-walking or for being mentally unstable while holding a knife.

The President said if he had a son he would be like Trayvon Martin. The Attorney General tells of being harassed in a Washington Suburb because he was deemed by police to have the wrong color to be in that neighborhood. At the time he was a Federal Prosecutor. Ben Ward New

Sabrina Fulton

Sabrina Fulton

York City’s first black Police Commissioner was harassed in Manhattan by men under his command who did not even know their own Commissioner. Henry Lewis Gates Harvard Professor arrested at his own home because of the color of his skin.

Some naïvely believe cars, homes and jobs insulates them from abuse. So they heap scorn and derision on those so abused . Simply because their day has not yet come. We salute these brave women who have traveled hundreds of miles to show support to the Brown family , to hug and cry with them, be comforted in the Lord God knowing that he is the final judge.

Irrespective of our shortcomings , our failure to come together, our perpetual state of poverty, no one deserves to die, shot down like an animal and left there for hours in the  sweltering heat. That’s what’s at issue here. To those who talk from their lofty perches , looking down on these victims , I ask where is your humanity ? Where is the God in you? Do you think you and yours are exempt? You are delusional. It’s insulting to insinuate that respect for laws will keep you safe. It’s arrogant to assume those who died had no respect for the laws.

Pull up your pants. Don’t run when you see police. Don’t talk back to police.  Why? None of these things have kept black men safe. Why should our children comport to the fears and insecurities of school-yard bullies whose only self worth is centered in a gun and a badge? Why are they criminals because of the color of their skin? Too many have died who did nothing wrong. My challenge to you elitists is get up to speed on your history, maybe it will offer a little perspective.  Perspective which hopefully will bring some measure of humility.

Valerie Bell beside a portrait of her son Sean who was gunned down by cops on his wedding day

Valerie Bell beside a portrait of her son Sean who was gunned down by cops on his wedding day

We can talk about black on black crime, we can talk about any issue, just not now. This is about the killing of Michael Brown, and Eric Garner, and Sean Bell, And Amadou Diallo, and Kijiame Powell, and,  countless others, killed by those who should protect and serve.

The New York Post said it sided with the NYPD in the killing of Eric Garner. It labeled every man woman and child  who marched across the Verrazano Narrows Bridge into Staten Island Saturday last, Rabble . In that crowd were Doctors and Lawyers, Teachers, nurses, business professionals. They did not care about the station of anyone in that crowd. To them it was a Rabble. That is their perception of black life. We can no longer allow them to make decisions on our value. We are inferior no no one.

In Ferguson Missouri  white protesters gathered in support of Darren Wilson, they cared nothing about the killing of Michael Brown. Their spokeswoman declared, Darren Wilson was justified in what he did. Case closed . Irrespective of the evidence or the circumstances of this killing ,to them Wilson was justified. It doesn’t matter whether Darren Wilson crossed the line from Cop to Criminal. Michael Brown had no right Darren Wilson was obligated to respect.  It wasn’t too long ago their law stated  blacks had no rights a white person had to respect, deja-vu.

On January 1, 1923 a massacre was carried out in the small, predominately black town of Rosewood in Central Florida. The massacre was instigated by the rumor that a white woman, was raped by a black man. What did anyone expect from these protesters?

Those white protesters I don’t mind. Hate is what hate produces . They are what they are. [sic] It was only after the Civil war that Europe’s murderers, Rapists and other criminal garbage were no longer dumped here. The sins of the fathers visit the third and fourth generations.

What I find contemptible are the self loathing house servants who still shuck and jive to the tune of their slave masters, willing to kill their own to please massa, that’s offensive.

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  1. Wow! This is an interesting and riveting article, well written. From the whites entered Africa the black race have been under attack by them to this date. Their fears is the extinction of their race, because the black population keeping growing worldwide. What the white demonstrators are showing us, is that it doesn’t matter how barbaric, brutality being unleashed on the black race it’s justifiable!

    As the hues of this country will change significantly in 20 years from now. The blacks, brown, yellow and others will be calling the shots. So, in essence, it’s going to be reversed whether or not they like it. What will happen then? What if the other races behave in the same manner as them? Would it be justifiable?

    In this country, they’re always at war against black people, it’s called “Institutional racism” being perpetrated by some of these white people.

    If you have a white friend or family member, ask them what white people discuss about black people, when there’s no black people around. Then, you’ll see and know who’s your friend and family. The time to shut up and be silent, is not now. As parents, we must make sure that our children don’t experience these brutality on our people. The table is turning and those who sits around it, will be serving those sitting around the table and it is not them.

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