There has been conflicting reports of an incident involving Jamaica’s National Security Minister Peter Bunting in the Parish of Portland a few days ago.

Local newspapers reported that Peter Bunting the Country’s National Security Minister was robbed of electronic property while he was a guest at a Villa in the Parish of Portland.  The reports indicate that some of the items were returned but no arrest has been made. Now there are sharp differences between a robbery and a break-in, which are not necessarily obvious to reporters, and as such the question was posed to Bunting if there was any truth to the story that he was held up at knife point and robbed of his valuables?

Bunting answered in the negative, volunteering that thieves had in fact entered a room in which friends of his were staying. He went to pains to elaborate that his American friends weren’t in the room at the time.

Just some clarification here for the media and others reading this, so there is no misunderstanding.

• ROBBERY: Is is the unlawful taking of one’s property,where the victim feels threatened and as a result of that fear hands over his/her property. It doesn’t matter whether or not the assailant is armed or not as long as the victim parted with his/her property out of fear.

•Burglary: The unlawful breaking and entering of a residence, at night, with intent to commit a felony. Entry does not necessarily mean bodily entry, smashing a window and using a stick to fish  valuables from a dwelling , is enough to constitute entry, the taking being a felony.



I was left befuddled and perplexed about the reason for the Minister’s detailed explanation about what had occurred, but with Delroy Chuck the Opposition spokesperson on Security questioning the veracity of Bunting’s denial it adds more to the fire of speculation which has started to rage as to what really happened to Bunting.

Whatever the truth is, neither of the situations are particularly good for the Minister of National Security, I’m unsure whether Bunting is married and was at a Villa with a paramour. Initial reporting indicated that Bunting and a female companion were robbed while they were pool-side, as we have indicated Bunting has pooh-poohed that version of events, giving his own version of what happened .

What is clear, irrespective of which version of events turns out to be the truth, is that not even the country’s highest security official is immune from the rampant criminality that is now common-place in Jamaica.

Generally when you hear that something happen in Jamaica if the version of events you hear is not exactly the truth , be consoled that it is not far from the truth. We will be talking more about this as we collect some facts, we keep our ears real close to the ground.

One has to imagine that Bunting did not check into a run down motel, as such the version of events detailed by the Minister does absolutely no good to either his, or our country’s standing. What is clear is that, the supposed veil of security and safety, which is supposed to cover visitors to the country, exist only in the minds of the country’s Security Personnel, of which Bunting is the head fool.