Romney And Friends Repugnant Racist Code Speak:

I hope you are all now following what is happening in the political arena, particularly those of you who spend countless hours on social media like Face-Book and twitter, engaging in mindless inane chatter that does nothing to educate inspire or improve life. Ok, I was a little bit hard on you but, here’ the deal, irrespective of where you are domiciled the election of 2012 will affect your life one way or another, and that includes those of you who access these blogs who live in other countries.  You may wonder how so?  If Mitt Romney is elected we will be returning to the days of wars and more wars all over the Globe courtesy of the neo-con hawk puppeteer behind a president Romney.

Romney’s wife was unable to do what the desperately hope she would be able to do, humanize the robotic empty suit which is her husband, that task is an impossible task because her husband is a wound up wooden creature, incapable of understanding the emotions of average people, as a result he has displayed zero character in standing up to the racist xenophobes that camp out in that party. As such Mitt Romney has cast his lot with the most vile despicable elements who are hell-bent on the destruction of Barack Obama. Of course a presidential candidate needs 50% plus one right?  So gear up for the dirtiest election campaign most of you will probably see in your life time, they have to throw this (nigger)sic: out of the White House, they won’t come out and say it the way I have said it here, but they speak to others in code.

John Boehner said if the country was a bar Obama would be thrown out . Code :

Romney, Gingrich, Ryan , McDonald from Virginia, and the moronic Santorum speaking about Welfare? code:

When Reince Priebus the head of the RNC talk about welfare and taking back our country and returning it to its glory days < code:

They are using racial code to attack president Obama and decent Americans should not stand for it, decent Americans must push back against these attacks against our President,a decent and good man.

Chris Matthews host of MSNBC’S (Hardball)took it to the RNC’S Reince Priebus on the (morning joe television show) Matthews told the RNC’s hack that what they were doing was racist dog whistle politics , it was despicable and it was wrong,Priebus like the typical school yard bully when confronted, wilted and withered , retreating with mongrel like whimper, only to be saved by fellow republican Joe Scarborough.http://

 Repugnant campaign of lies misinformation and racial codes.


So they trot out John McCain to talk about Foreign Policy, John McCain was a prisoner of war, we get that, as such many including many in the Democratic Party fall all over themselves to defer to John McCain. The truth is, John McCain is a political operative, if he was a Democrat no one would be holding up John McCain as someone to defer to.

John McCain’s foreign policy is to bomb everyone, “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran”, all of a sudden McCain is the spokesperson for the Iranian people who were seeking to be rescued from their,  tyrannical  leaders, all of a sudden McCain is the person lamenting the fact that the American President Barack Obama did not commit American Troops to another ill-advised war to rescue the Iranian people from themselves !!!

That is the policy Republicans want to attack Iran under the guise that they are rescuing them from tyrannical rulers, how well did that work out in Iraq, and Afghanistan?

They trot out Condoleezza Rice to talk about Foreign Policy, neither Rice nor McCain uttered the words Osama Bin Laden. Rice in her rambling diatribe at the first African-American President forgot to mention that as National Security Adviser to President George Bush and later Secretary of State, she played a significant part and was an integral part of the web of deceit  and lies which launched a  fraudulent war which resulted in the death of countless Iraqis, and the destruction of their country, and the death and maiming of thousands of American troops.

The pathetic irony which is the Romney Ryan Campaign is the obvious tact they have taken to disqualify President Obama based on.






They cannot talk about Foreign Policy,.

The Iraq war is over, and Osama Bin Laden is dead.

They cannot talk about accomplishments.

Four million jobs created, General Motors is alive.

So it will be a no holes barred assault on Obama, he will be teased , chided, lied on,he will be made out to be an alien , not just from another country , but from another galaxy.

He will be accused of closing a GM plant on Wisconsin that was closed before he became president, just ask Paul Ryan about that plant closing, ask him how Obama did it before he was sworn into Office as President of the United States.

Ask Condoleezza Rice how Obama prevented her from sitting at lunch counters in the Racist Southern State of Alabama , yet she persevered to become Secretary of State, just ask her how Obama did that despite her being older than Obama.

Just ask all of them about “you didn’t build that” The line plagiarized , literally lifted from a statement made within a context that meant nothing close to what the one phrase sounds like.

The racial “dog whistle” delivered by Rick Santorum, as no one else could deliver that level of racial bull-shit, yes the same Rick Santorum who addressed this very same subject of welfare to a lily-white audience.quote:t “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money”
Read more:

Of course the very same Santorum withered and shriveled up under the pressure of having to face up to his racist lies. quote: I looked at the video and I don’t — in fact, I’m pretty confident I didn’t say black. What I think I started to say a word and sort of, bluh –  sort of mumbled it and changed my thought, but I don’t — I don’t recall saying black. No one in that audience, no one listening, no reporter there, heard me say that. I think it was – and from everything I see and I’ve looked at it several times, I was starting to say one word and I sort of came up with a different word and moved on and it – and it sounded like black.

I have a couple of different word for you Rick Santorum you probably never heard of these “PATHOLOGICALLY MENDACIOUS” add these two to your vocabulary, like all other typical lying racist you lied and when confronted with your own words, you added  insult to injury by lying even more.

These are the hypocritical Pharisees, Santorum the Catholic. Ryan the Catholic, Romney the Mormon, Huckabee the Evangelical,I could go on and on.These people hate gay people, they hate abortion,they hate other races, they hate other religions,they hate helping the poor, but they damn sure are in love with lying.

They run around the country telling white Americans they are the real Americans, everyone else has a hyphenated precursor to their name, none so more than African-Americas. Trying to stir up racial animus with the welfare lie ,” Obama is taking money from your Social Security and just sending it to his black friends without demanding that they work for it.

Ask yourselves how come people in other countries would kill to have their government enact legislation which protects those most vulnerable ,the old , indigent, the very young, the sick, or just people down on their luck, yet American white people hate those programs? Republicans from Richard Nixon to Romney have successfully attached Welfare to Black people, it’s then easy to see why they hate it, yet they are the largest groups of welfare recipients, both at the bottom and at the top of corporate welfare.

This was started by Gingrich, Santorum and of course Romney picked the next Generation of demagogues Paul Ryan to run with that message. Never mind that it is a damn lie.

Obviously Republicans feel that they may have their own brand of Christianity, (even if it’s a cult) that suits their narrative, they argue lies and makes them facts, in their twisted Orwellian parallel Universe, they argue that Israel has right to defend itself, but Iran does not have the right to defend itself if attacked by Israel. Yet no one in the lame-stream Media bothers to demand the rationale for that theory.

I will stop here for now.