Republican presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney is running for president on the campaign strategy”I am not Obama.

Noticeably absent from Romney’s strategy is truth. Romney has made several claims on the campaign trail ,and on the garbage spewing FOX network which have been fact checked and proven to be lies. Not to be deterred Mitt Romney refuses to allow truth to get in the way of his narrative, so he doubles down , knowing that as he speaks he is in fact telling lies.

Romney state time and again that the president goes around the world apologising for America.  It’s a lie.

Romney goes around the country including in Cincinnati Ohio June 14th stating that president Obama has not negotiated a single trade deal.

It’s a lie, President Obama negotiated trade deals with Panama, South Korea and others.

He said the president instituted a stimulus that did no good.

It is a lie hundreds of teachers , fire-fighters, cops, and other workers owe their jobs to the stimulus.

Romney’s litany of lies is stunningly dishonest, yet he keeps repeating the same debunked malarkey.


 Hannnity of FOX misinformation

Romney goes around the country stating that president Obama stated if he did not get unemployment under 8% it would be a one term proposition for him. That’s a lie , a statement taken out of context. Mitt Romney tells the American people time and again lie after lie, after lie and when he is called out on them he continues as if truth does not matter.

So then, there must be a bigger strategy behind Romney’s lies.  Bear in mind that the single most identifiable thread which runs through republicans is that they are pathological liars.  I am still left scratching my head at the bold-faced utter dishonesty of Mitt Romney, someone who is offering himself for the most powerful office in the world,the American presidency.

At play here is the Carl Rove orchestrated Orwellian strategy, tell as many lies as possible make the president scary as hell, bombard the airwaves with  swift boat type advertisements the likes  of which they ran against John Kerry, funded by the likes of State of Israel zealot casino tycoon Sheldon Alderson, and other members of the one percent.

Reports are that Alderson has pledged to spend, get this , one hundred million dollars in his quest to buy the elections for Mitt Romney.

Thanks you Supreme court for the gift of citizen’s united , corporations are now people, the votes of the average man is worth nought,nada, zero.

Those who have the most money will be able to shape the narrative, the airwaves will be bombarded in so-called swing states to the tune of what analysts say will be over a billion dollars spent in advertising.

Obama won the 2008 election by roughly 6 percentage points over Arizona Senator John McCain. Some numbers crunchers argue if race was not a factor Obama would possibly have won by an overwhelming 17 point margin, something similar to Reagan’s win over Jimmy Carter, 1980.

Obama won largely on the massive turn out of college age young people who casted race aside, Hispanics and African-Americans. President Obama is fighting an up hill battle this time, he is the incumbent. There is no evidence there will be anywhere near the turn out he had from those groups as they did in  2008.

Romney’s handlers understands this , and they are running a disciplined campaign, a campaign of lies , but disciplined indeed. They have managed to run their candidate without him having to give specifics on any of the many things he has promised. He appears on the Rupert Murdoch’s organ of misinformation where they repeat the campaign talking points to him and he nods and smile.

Romney has not outlined an economic plan that make sense, in fact he has not been allowed to speak to the press, surely his handlers have not yet figured out how to convince the already low information electorate how he proposes to cut spending, give tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans and grow the Pentagon’s budget. It is impossible to do, yet he has been running around the country spewing the same garbage and has not been held to account for his lies.