Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

 Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney built his presidential run betting against the American economy. In essence Romney betted against the country he claim to love, and want to represent as its highest elected leader.Republican candidate Mitt Romney

We already knew Romney was a betting man, this was on display during the comical yet woefully  pathetic Republican primary campaign, Romney offered the equally pathetic Texas Governor Rick Perry a ten thousand dollar bet, in defense of his Massachusetts health-care plan, Romney-care.

Romney extended the wager to the Texas Governor, denying Perry’s  claim that he had suggested his Massachusetts healthcare plan should be a model for the country, an assertion Perry repeated.Romney then vehemently denied that claim, yet there were numerous instances where he extolled the virtues of his plan and argued stridently it should be a model for the country

I was taken a little aback. Driving out to the station this morning, I’m pretty sure I didn’t drive by a house that anyone in Iowa would even think about that a $10,000 bet was even possible, so a little out of touch with the normal Iowa citizen,” Perry said during an interview on Fox News Sunday.http://http//

Rick Perry’s assertion was right during the republican primaries, it is right today, that impulsive bet on that stage demonstrated something deeper about Mitt Romney that his fellow republican alluded to then, Romney is an out of touch rich guy, but it doesn’t just stop there, he is an out of touch rich guy who feel entitled. We have heard the disrespectful and presumptuous comments from his wife, “President Obama should start packing to leave the white House”, It’s Mitt’s time now, it’s our time”,” we will not release any more tax returns to you people” . Of course those are only from her, Romney himself has created a scrap-book of gaffes and unforced errors , enough for several election cycles, yet the lame stream media has just brushed them aside without challenging them on what they know are lies and campaign talking points.

Romney staked his claim on a single issue, the American Economy will be so bad he will be elected president by default, he essentially made himself a one trick pony, that’s a hell of a bet to take against your own country, and it’s a hell of a bet to make on a presidential run considering the financial and other costs associated with presidential runs.

As President Obama has categorically stated, the economic data coming out the week immediately following each month, should not be looked at within the narrow prism of those monthly numbers, but should be viewed in a broader context, they  should be seen as a continued march in the right direction on the road toward an economy built to last. The American people, despite being nervous about their own financial situations, seem to buy into the president’s arguments, poll after poll has shown that voters understood the severity of the economic situation Obama inherited.

They also recognize that the Tea Party House of Representatives, and obstructionist Senate Republicans have done everything to ensure that nothing gets done on this president’s watch. Despite the less than desirable economic data, the Romney campaign realizes that the president is still ahead, Romney decided he had to change the narrative, make it about something else, so he picked Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to be his running mate. Romney knew he would have to defend Ryan’s budget, which literally decimates the poor and indigent, yet he gambled picking Ryan will generate enough right wing votes to put him over the top. Romney gambled that there is enough animus and hatred on the right for the president all he has to do is add Ryan and the right will be out in droves. The jury will be out on that strategy for awhile, even though some are already arguing that plan may have already backfired as  for many Ryan represents whats wrong with a dysfunctional Congress. Romney may have miscalculated how toxic the addition of Ryan may be to seniors because of medicare, as well as his neanderthal positions on the rights of a woman to chose or make decisions with her own body.

Of course true to form Romney is trying to frame that part of the conversation as Obama’s attack on Religion, it may be a tough sell to Catholics who believe that the Ryan budget is an immoral assault on the poor.

Romney  calculated that he will go after the Obama record with the lie that he raided the Medicare Trust Fund to the tune of 700 billion dollars, then link it with the other social program the right hates, Obama-Care and he will have a winner. So they came out guns blazing ,as they always do, all of them, from top to bottom reciting the same talking points, “Obama raided Medicare and put the money into another big government bureaucracy Obama-Care”.

We talked about Paul Ryan and what he stands for in previous blogs , here’ a guy who has a reputation as a deficit hawk that is completely unearned or deserved. Ryan voted for all big Government spending during Bush’s presidency  including the wars waged on a credit card, this guy Ryan is a figment of the lame stream media’s imagination, he suddenly turned deficit hawk because there is a Democrat in the White House.

While the lame stream media gets all nostalgic about Ryan the way they did about the brain-dead Sarah Palin , there are even more sinister reasons to be very fearful of this guy Paul Ryan. Set aside the fact that his budget would double down on the Bush-era policies which gave huge tax breaks to the very rich, Ryan wants to add insult to injury by having you, me and everyone else at the bottom pay for it. Simply put, trickle down economics on steroids, as it has been characterized.

How stupid does Romney think we are?

Romney realized that despite his despicable campaign of lies he is loosing, the president’s numbers have remained constant despite lies , obstruction,and  deception, despite the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson and other Billionaires  tens of millions of dollars of dirty money being spent to buy the elections, Romney cannot close the deal with voters. So Mitt Romney made the calculated decision if I cannot get up to the level of Barack Obama I will drag Obama down to my level.

Romney, for the duration of his 5 year campaign,, has lied and disrespected Obama, he used racial dog whistles to appeal to the far right of the party he represents, at every campaign stops he makes statements that the president doesn’t understand America, the president doesn’t understand American exceptional-ism the President does not get Americans. That feeds into the nastiness previously unseen before the introduction of Sarah Palin into the campaign of 2008.

Romney has not once stood up to those who spew the  rancid bile which comes out of that sewer which houses that element.  Romney not only does not have the balls or the guts to stand up to those elements, he really does not want to stand up to them, he wants to be president and that’s all that matters he said he will support anyone who will help him get 50% plus 1.

The lame stream media was more than willing to acquiesce to the Romney, Koch ,Adelson machine, when Vice President Biden speaking about republican desire to let Wall Street write their own rules , In Virginia said Quote:”“[Mitt Romney] said in the first hundred days, he’s going to let the big banks once again write their own rules — unchain Wall Street,” Biden told his audience at The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research in Danville, Va.

“They’re going to put y’all back in chains,” he said.Read more:

Well , context doesn’t matter for Romney , anything to change the subject of his pathetic pick for a running mate,anything to change the fact that his lies about Obama aren’t working so he delved head first into his new strategy telling the lame people on CBS that the Vice President’s comments were one more example of a desperate campaign, no one bothered to ask him how come the president’s campaign is desperate when they are beating him in most categories that matter and within the states that are up for grabs.

They simply let him and his surrogates run with the lies and innuendos unchallenged.

The Obama campaign shot back that Romney had become unhinged ..unhinged ineed,if ever the campaign or the candidate was ever hinged.

Surely that is the best characterization for a frothing mouth pathological liar.

Biden doesn’t need to change the term ” put ya all back in chains” to “shackles” what’s the difference? What makes the right feel that chains refer to black people ? What makes Ryan and the other nut cases use of the word “unshackle “  right and Biden’s wrong? When did the right care about black people anyway? Romney is the most opportunistic politician and literally the worst candidate for president I have ever seen. He is just a pathological liar the kind of which I have never ever seen.

The American voters will have a simple decision to make come November do they want to be forever relegated to serfs in their own country where they will simply be pawns of the filthy rich, the country is already sold out to the richest 1%of the population.

Voters will have to ask themselves why is it wealthy people like Charles and his brother David Koch and others like Sheldon Adelson are willing to spend hundreds of millions to unseat president Obama ?


Charles Koch……….David Koch                                      Sheldon Adelson

Why do these filthy rich people want to get Republicans elected? These men are not patriots they are selfish rotten rich egomaniacs, the Koch brothers manufacture myriad products which we routinely use in our homes and places of business each day without giving them any thought. These include petroleum-based products , oil to heat our homes, gas for our cars, paper and lumber products and a litany of other products. They do not want alternative sources of energy, Romney’s trek to the Dakotas to talk to coal miners was not an accident , it was to send a message to the wealthy financiers above that he will allow them to decimate the Eco-system so they can make more money from dangerous fossil fuels which are literally killing off mankind.

Romney once said that climate change must be addressed, he now says climate change cannot be proved and we  can ill afford to spend money fixing something that is unproven. this is the reason Obama accuses these people of being from the flat earth society. This Summer is the hottest on record, the Polar Ice caps are melting and drifting south, Farmers all across the country are loosing their crops from the worst drought in 70 years, yet there are republican talking heads saying there is no smoking gun to prove climate change and indict man as a contributor to its emergence. I would encourage these delusional talking heads to take a look at the meaning of   circumstantial evidence.

PS: A sad day for American Democracy today, a Pennsylvania Judge ruled that Republican voter suppression laws devised by republicans in that state’s legislature and signed into law by the Republican Governor , may go forward.

It is indeed a very sobering time in America that this great nation seem hell-bent on self-destruction, Forty seven years after the voting Rights was signed into law  by President Lyndon Johnson on August 5, 1965, over 30 States in these United states led by Republican legislators and Governors have turned back the clock with draconian voter suppression laws designed to steal the elections and hand the country to a corporate hack called Mitt Romney and his puppeteer, the Koch Brothers.

Where is the outrage, where is the much vaunted moral authority of America, ? Where is the much vaunted American exceptionalism? Is this what Romney means when he talks about leadership, is this the American exceptionalism republicans like Romney and others talk about on the trail?

Mitt Romney should be ashamed to be running a campaign of this nature, but he has no shame , he is a man on a mission to nowhere, he has no character, simply an empty suit who will do anything and say anything to be president, so he may fulfil the agenda of his corporate masters, a dangerous man.

May God help America if this guy is elected.





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