I wrote recently in these blogs that Republicans sincerely believe that social programs being proposed by Democrats are reparations for the enslavement of blacks in America.

Well my friends it took only a few days for you to see that I was indeed right in making the claims I did in that blog-post, Mitt Romney’s desperate presidential campaign has dredged up the oft-used bogey man of Welfare to scare white people into voting for them.

What’s laughable is that whenever they go for the welfare scare, you know they are desperate. Ronald Reagan the holy grail of perfection for right-wing nut cases used the scare of welfare queens to make his argument that rich people were being asked to subsidise the life style of the lazy, shiftless negroes.


Obama                                                             Romney

He was not the first to play the race card to get votes and he certainly will not be the last. As I argued in my blog-post on this subject ,Newt Gingrich in pushing for welfare reform during the Clinton Presidency, had a very rude awakening when he discovered that the vast majority of welfare recipients were not black people but middle-aged white women. That discovery quieted the welfare scare for a couple of election cycles. That did not stop the old hate monger Gingrich, from scraping the bottom of the race-baiting well in this very primary past, calling the president the welfare president.

So what does Mitt Romney hope to gain from attacking President Obama on the subject of welfare ? Does Romney believe with 8.3 percent unemployment (arguably caused by republican intransigence), the education of the public by groups like occupy wall street about the inequity of our financial system, and the Obama’s campaign pummeling of Romney on Bain, that somehow voters are going to say “I want to side with the rich guy”?

I’ll tell you straight up it’s not gonna happen, all the polls are pointing to Obama pulling away from Romney in this race, even the FOX polls have Obama up by 9 points nationally.

Romney doesn’t want to talk about his time at Bain Capital, he doesn’t want to talk about his tenure as Governor of a liberal New England State, he doesn’t want to talk about his signature health care accomplishment (Romney care), he doesn’t want to talk about his tax returns, he doesn’t want to talk about his Mormon Faith.

What the hell can we talk about ?

Mitt Romney wants to be elected President of the United States as a stealth candidate, with the voting public having no idea who he is.IN effect he wants to be president by default.

Mitt Romney is feeling the heat of having to represent a party that has lurched alarmingly off track , (if it ever was on track to begin with). The Republican party of Chuck Hagel, Colin Powell, and William Cohen is a distant memory. The Republican party has been hijacked by a moronic mob of raging lunatic pitch-fork bearing witch-hunters.

What is left is a bunch of degenerates led  by the likes of Rusk Limbaugh, Dick Chaney, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin and others. Straw men who front in the party are just figure heads for the lunatic fringe.Mitt Romney was once the Governor of the state of Massachuset,  Mitt Romney was once a reasonable businessman who wanted to do good in politics, and he tried , no one believes Mitt Romney is an evil man.

What we believe is that Romney has allowed the quest for power to cause him to sell his soul to the devil, his father must be disappointed in what his son turned out to be. The true test of a man is never about how much money he makes, a man is judged by the content of his character (Dr, Martin Luther King Jnr.)

Romney has shown no character, no balls in standing up to the hate mongers on the right, he has steadfastly refused to talk about policies that he intends to enact if he was to be elected president. He has sought instead to demagogue the president for doing a bad job , even though president Obama has done a decent job , given the hand he was dealt.

I am not arguing that Romney should go about the country extolling the virtues of  Obama, what I do believe is that a man of character would tell the slime-balls, “NO” whenever they lift their despicable heads to say ignorant moronic neanderthal things about the president.

Romney however cannot do that , his campaign is built on lies, he has no honesty , no character, no soul. He wants to be president , not because he cares about people, not because it’s a calling as per George Bush, he wants to be president because he and his wife believes “it’s their turn”.